GDCA National Specialty Results

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2001 GDCA Futurity Judging
Monday, October 15, 2001

Best in Futurity: Tally Ho Wiltor's Nefertiti

Best Puppy: Lobatos Anything Goes

Best Junior: Tally Ho Wiltor's Nefertiti

Puppy dogs, 3-5 months
Braewynd's On The Money
Breeder/Owner: Anthony Gerigitan,
Phillip Pullin

Puppy dogs, 5-7 months
My-Jons The Verdicts In
Breeder/Owner: John/Myra Stusek

Puppy dogs, 7-9 months
Prin-Zels Mambo King
Breeders: Debra Dennison-Carnell Gurrath
Owners: J&D Raudenbush, Debra Dennison,
Carnell Gurrath

Puppy Dogs, 9-12 months
My-Jons Guilty as Charged
Breeders: John/Myra Stusek
Owners: Kim and Terry Larrabee

Junior Dog, 12-15 months
Haltmeiers The Yankees Win
Breeder: Pat Haltmeier
Owners: Robert & Carissa Cartelly, Pat Haltmeier

Junior Dog, 15-18 months
Shorelines So Much To Say
Breeders: Nancy Simmons and JoAnn Barbaro
Owners: Lori/Eric Gottleib, Nancy Simmons

Best Puppy Dog
Braewinds on the Money

Reserve Puppy Dog
My-Jon The Verdicts In

Best Junior Dog
Shorelines So Much to Say

Reserve Junior Dog
Haltmeiers The Yankees Win


Puppy Bitch, 3-5 months
Davisdane Definitely a Duckling
Breeder/Owner: Susan Davis Shaw, Dana Shaw

Puppy Bitch, 5-7months
VZTOPS Stella Deoro
Breeders: Lorraine Rainwater/Cindy Niske
Owners: Lorraine & Chip Rainwater

Puppy Bitch, 7-9 months
Diamond Danes Victorian Lace
Breeders: Owners: Karen and Bernie Martin

Puppy Bitch, 9-12 months
Lobatos Anything Goes
Breeders: Joy Lobato, Dennis & Edna Sypowicz
Owner: Joy Lobato

Junior Bitches, 12-15 months
Maitau's Jamaican Me Nuts
Breeder: Owner: Patricia Chiampa,
Tiffany & Helen Cross

Junior Bitches, 15-18 months
Tally Ho Wiltors Nefertiti
Breeders: Heidi Priestman/Eve Williams
Owners: Heidi & George Priestman, Eve Williams

Best Puppy Bitch
Lobatos Anything Goes

Reserve Puppy Bitch
VZTOPS Stella Deoro

Best Junior Bitch
Tally Ho Wiltors Nefertiti

Reserve Junior Bitch
Maitau's Jamaican Me Nuts

2001 GDCA Open Class Judging
Wednesday & Thursday, October 17-18, 2001

Winners Dog
Ch Vi-Dayne’s Johnny Angel.
Breeder: Violet Jancic, John C. Morris
Owner: Violet Jancic

Winners Bitch

Tally-Ho Wil-tor's Nefertiti
Breeders: Heidi Priestman, Eve Williams
Owners: Heidi & George Priestman, Eve Williams

Reserve Winners Dog
Danebridge's Pretty Boy Floyd
Breeders: Karen & Dale Desjardins
Owners: Lisa & William Barratt

Reserve Winners Bitch

Ch Paqueston Quickpic V Primrose
Breeder: Ray Goldstone,Sandra Duncan
Owner/Handler: Norm Vadenais

Black Puppy Dogs, 6-9 months
G'Dieter's Miracle By Chance
Breeders: Peggy Dieter, Barb Myers

Brindle Puppy Dogs, 6-9 months
Brislyn's Samsara
Breeder: Julie Narzisi

Fawn Puppy Dogs, 6-9 months
Show Me D Money V Mi Own
Breeders: Michelle Manier, Susan Oslund,
Marshall Stoner

Harlequin Puppy Dogs, 6-9 months

Khess Araza R Nest
Breeders: Kay Hess, Robin Heiges

Mantle Puppy Dogs, 6-9 months

West Coast JP's Mikldn JB Secret Agt.
Breeders: Genji Ozeki, Hiroko Shuoji

Black Puppy Dogs, 9-12 months
Believer's Me & My Shadow V Ebon
Breeders: Janet Whitmore, Julie Ford

Blue Puppy Dogs, 9-12 months
Thor-Kourt's Knoa Tejkort
Breeders: MJ Cohen, Simmel Haim

Brindle Puppy Dogs, 9-12 months

Michaeldane's Myjon Conspiracy
Breeders: T. Berry, C. Harris, S. Miller,
M. Chiles

Fawn Puppy Dogs, 9-12 months
Aquiline's Red Hot Chili Pepper
Breeder: Magda Aquila

Harlequin Puppy Dogs, 9-12 months
Thor-Kourt's Kobra Kykiss
Breeder: MJ Cohen

Mantle Puppy Dogs, 9-12 months
Sasdania's Ticonderoga
Breeder: Steven A. Stevens

12-18 Month Dogs
Owlwatch Heir Ways
Breeders: PJ Gray, J. Lawrance

Breed by Exhibitor Dogs
Danebridge's Pretty Boy Floyd
Breeders: Karen & Dale Desjardins

American-Bred Dogs
Heritage Hills' Rising Star
Breeder: Marge Paszek

Open, Black Dogs
Oakstone's Fortissimo
Breeders: Jon Ketchum, Dale Garrison

Open, Blue Dogs
Terminator Del Castello Gamenario
Breeder: Sigrid Daubert Baldesi

Open, Brindle Dogs
Nightwind's Echo in Time
Breeders: Sherri deal, Maryann Dogan

Open, Fawn Dogs
Mystic's Just the Two Of Us
Breeder: Kandi Hanisch

Open, Harlequin Dogs
Vi-Dayne's Johnny Angel
Breeders: Violet Jancic, John Morris

Open, Mantle Dogs
Nan-Dee's A Pocket Full Of Ink
Breeders: Jon Ketchum, Dale Garrison

Winner's Dog:
Vi-Dayne's Johnny Angel
Breeders: Violet Jancic, John Morris

Reserve Winner's Dog

Danebridge's Pretty Boy Floyd
Breeders: Karen & Dale Desjardins

Veteran Dogs, 6-8 Years
Ch Kativa's Infared Of Maitau
Breeder: Kathy Frederick

Veteran Dogs, 8 Years and Older
Onarok's Prince of Denmark CDX
Breeder: Peggy & Richard Smith
  Black Puppy Bitches, 6-9 months
Longo's Brown Sugar
Breeders: Tootie Longo, Lorraine Brown

Blue Puppy Bitches, 6-9 months
Blue Moon's Glory Go Spritely
Breeder: Anita Brown

Brindle Puppy Bitches, 6-9 months
Jubellie's Texas Woman
Breeder: Julie Narzisi

Fawn Puppy Bitches, 6-9 months
Paquestone Qucikpic V Primrose
Breeders: Ray Goldstone, Sandra Duncan

Harlequin Puppy Bitches, 6-9 months

West Coast JP's MDJB Can't Keep A Secret
Breeders: Genji Ozeki, Hiroko Shuoji

Mantle Puppy Bitches, 6-9 months

West Coast JP's Mikldn JB Secret Luv
Breeders: Genji Ozeki, Hiroko Shuoji

Black Puppy Bitches, 9-12 months
Aristodane Bise De Ladoguerie
Breeders: Y. Sheedy, S. Halle,
M. Valois-Desjardins

Blue Puppy Bitches, 9-12 months
Rhodesend Chance Of A Storm
Breeders: Robin Mohrman, Denise Rhodes

Brindle Puppy Bitches, 9-12 months

Kochak Upsy Daisy
Breeders: S&L Arrowsmith

Fawn Puppy Bitches, 9-12 months
My-Jon's Hot Stuff Svevo
Breeder: L&P Tozzi

Harlequin Puppy Bitches, 9-12 months
Orion GMJ The Clear Mz MacKenzie
Breeder: Betsy Phelan, Gina Jaeblon

Mantle Puppy Bitches, 9-12 months
Chanoz Sis Boom Bah V Khess
Breeder: Lori Bielke

12-18 Month Bitches
Tally Ho Wiltors Nefertiti
Breeders: Heidi Priestman/Eve Williams

Novice Bitches
Country Dane Kaizer's Glory
Breeders: Sharon Waldron, Margo Ray

Breed by Exhibitor Bitches
Stone Valley's Affirmation
Breeders: Darcy & Amanada Quinlan,
David Miller

American-Bred Bitches
Ro-Jon's Love Letter
Breeder: Mary Anne Zanetos

Open, Black Bitches
Thor-Kourt's Tirza Tifkorvoi
Breeders: MJ Cohen, Shelby Cooper

Open, Blue Bitches

Thor-Kourt's Kasi Koetreva
Breeders: MJ Cohen, Christopher Painer,
Stephanie Stahl

Open, Brindle Bitches

Kennedy's Designerwear V Notredane
Breeders: Susan Yotive, Connie Kennedy

Open, Fawn Bitches

McEmn's Ellen
Breeders: Ila Monton, Nikki Riggsbee

Open, Harlequin Bitches

BMW LR Maide To Show Daneboa
Breeders: Christopher O'Connell,
Hugo Gamboa

Open, Mantle Bitches

Dreamspinner Could Be Magic
Breeders: Bernadette & James Cosgrove

Winner's Bitch:
Tally-Ho Wil-tor's Nefertiti
Breeders: Heidi Priestman, Eve Williams

Reserve Winner's Bitch

Paquestone Qucikpic V Primrose
Breeders: Ray Goldstone, Sandra Duncan

Veteran Bitches, 6-8 Years
Ch Rosendane's Foolish Pleasure
Breeder: Angela Kusmiesz

Veteran Bitches, 8 Years and Older
Ch Rojon's Mystify Me

Breeders: George Griffin Jr., Ray Cataldi

2001 GDCA Best of Breed Judging
Friday, October 19, 2001

Best of Breed
Ch DSS Kings Ransom Jp Berlinetta
Breeder/Owner: Hitoshi Sayama Handler Vicki Marchand

Best of Opposite
CH Dynkn’s Exhiliration V Dnlnd
Breeder: Bruce & Edie Lind, Jack Henderson, Georgia Hymmen

Award of Merit
Ch MJB’s Black With Sugar.
Breeder: M Macomber, J Copeland, B Hauer
Owner: Lorraine Brown, Patricia Longo

Award of Merit

Ch Keystone’s to Protect & Serve
Breeder: John & Sharon Butts
Owners: Yvette & Joseph Kornfield

Award of Merit
Ch Dreamspinner’s Antiquity
Breeder: James & Bernadette Cosgrove
Owner: D & T Jones,Chuck Whitney

Award of Merit
Ch K-D Dane's Everybody Luvs Raymond
Breeder/Owner/Handler: Renee & John Tippelman

Award of Merit
Ch BRF DBRDG Beenthere Donethat
Breeder: Karen & Dale Desjardins
Owner: R & E Streeter, K Desjardins,L Barratt

Award of Merit
Ch My-Jon’s Licensed to Thrill
Breeder/Owner John & Myra Stusek

Award of Merit
Ch Chanoz’ Chosen One
Breeder: Lori Beilke
Owner: Bruce & Lori Beilke

Award of Merit
Ch Meadowood Ultimate Oliver 
Breeder: Gisela Wood
Owner: Felix Cantu,Gisela Wood

Award of Merit
Ch EIO Danes Teagan
Breeder/Owner: Shirley & Ken Reinhold

Award of Merit
Ch Sasdania’s Passion Tristan
Breeder: Steve Stevens & Lori Eberl
Owner: Steve Stevens

Award of Merit
Ch Wysiwyg Lothario V Longo
Breeder/Handler: Teresa Labrie
Owner: Judy Valenti, Teresa Labrie

Award of Merit
Ch Jerdan’s Princess Ty
Breeder: Jose Ribo & Anna Kozuch
Owner: José Ribo,C Wilson

Stud Dog
First: Ch BMW Architect of Jericho
Breeders: Jean Chase, Laura Kiaulenas

Brood Bitch
Ch Lucky Lad’s Spice of Life
Breeder: Ann & John Hinson
Owner: John & Sharon Butts

Ch Diamond Danes Light My Fire CD, Ch Diamond Eye of the Tiger Heidane 
Owners: Kristine Heiden, D. & E. Heiden & Karen Martin

First: Keystone’s Third Rock, Keystone’s Macho Man,
Keystone’s Spicy Apple Blossom, Keystone’s Up an Shining Star
Owner/Handler: John Butts


2001 GDCA Top Twenty Winner for 2000
Announced Friday, October 19, 2001

Ch MJB's Black With Sugar
Breeders: M. Macomber, J. Copeland, B. Hauer
Owners: Lorraine Brown, Tootie Longo


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