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 Created: 04/15/02


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April 15, 2002 – As we all know, today is the deadline for filing our federal income tax forms. What a chore! While we've been slaving away on our 1040's, our dogs have been busy with their 1040-DOG's. I've been wondering how our Great Danes manage to pay their taxes. Surely they don't send a big box of chewbones to Uncle Sam.

The answer to this question has eluded me for a long time. Most dogs are very secretive about their financial transactions. Well, guess what? I recently learned that dogs have their own unique currency. Instead of dollars, they use DOGLARS.

What is a Doglar?

Pictured above is a typical Great Dane doglar. Each breed has its own variation of doglar currency. Fortunately for them, doglars can be readily traded from breed to breed and the monetary value remains the same. Of course, most Great Danes wouldn't want to be seen with, for example, Poodle doglars in their billfold. Rumor has it there's a lot of social baggage that goes along with doglars. Sometimes it can all get a little complicated.

We humans don't see doglars very often, do we? In fact most of us will never see one during our lifetime. That's because they are carefully hidden from us. Our dogs want us to think they are penniless. That way we end up paying most of their bills... while they keep adding doglars to their retirement fund.

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