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– Best of Winners –
Wiedanes Gala At Owlwatch
Breeders: Jerry & Jill Wiechens, Owners: Jane & Phillip Gray

2002 GDCA National Specialty
Judged by Mr. Robert Edison
Saturday, October 19, 2002

– Best of Breed –
CH. Dreamspinners Antiquity
Breeders: Bernadette & James Cosgrove
Owners: Tim & Debbie Jones, Charles Whitney

– BOB Award of Merit –
CH. Labato's Anything Goes
Breeders: Joy Labato, Edna & Dennis Sypowicz
CH. D.S.S. Kings Ransom JP Berlinetta
Breeders: Hitoshi Sayama
CH. Avanti's Attractive Asset
Breeders: Artisee & Lisa Foltz
CH Bellmarc's The Painter Of Light
Breeders: Lucretia & Steve Marcus, B. Garcia
CH. Goldstrike's The Lady In Red, CD
Breeders: Joe & Pat McGoldrick, Jill Swedlow
CH. Jerdan's Princess Ty
Breeders:  Jose Ribo, Anna Kozuch
CH. Shoreline's West's Absolut Victory Etal
Breeder: Nancy Schycker-Bailey
CH. Vi-Dayne's Johnny Angel
Breeders: Violet Jancic, John C Morris
CH. Danebridges Pretty Boy Floyd
Breeders: Karen & Dale Desjardins
CH. My-Jon's Valentino V Riverlor
Breeders: John & Myra Stusek
CH. Keystone's To Protect And Serve
Breeders: John & Sharon Butts
CH. Don-Lu's Forget Me Not
Breeders: Don & Mary Lou Carmody, Shawn Carmody

– Best of Winners –

Wiedanes Gala At Owlwatch
Breeders: Jerry & Jill Wiechens
Owners: Jane & Phillip Gray

– Best of Opposite Sex –
CH. Avanti's All For One Elan
Breeders: Lisa & Artise Foltz, John Gerszewski
Owners: Robert & Linda Tonnancour

– Best Puppy –

Maitau's Never Better
Breeders: Pat Ciampa, Helen Cross & Virginia Friberg
Owners: Pat Ciampa, Helen Cross & Tiffany Cross

– Best Bred-By-Exhibitor –
Keystone's Third Rock
Breeders: John & Sharon Butts
Owners: John & Sharon Butts

CH. Lagarada's Reach For the Starz
Breeders:  Fran Lass
Owners: Carole & Catherine Brakhage


– Best Stud Dog–
CH. My-Jon's Licensed To Thrill
Breeders: John & Myra Stusek
Owners: John & Myra Stusek

– Best Brood Bitch –
CH. Avanti's Taylor Dane
Breeders: Artisee & Lisa Foltz
Owners: Lisa Foltz & John Gerszewski

– Best Brace –
CH. Diamond Dane's Light My Fire, CD
CH. Diamond Dane's Eye of the Tiger Heidane

Breeders: Karen & Bernie Martin
Owners: Kristin, Dave & Elizabeth Heiden, Karen Martin

– Best Team –
Keystone's Third Rock
CH. Keystone's Macho Man
Keystone's Up and Shining Star
CH. Lucky Lad's Spice of Life

Breeders: John & Sharon Butts
Owners: John & Sharon Butts

Best Junior Handler
Kristin Heiden

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