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 Created: 04/04/05


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Homeward Bound – 

April 4, 2005 – I am back in the States now, and quite glad to be home. Next week you'll have to suffer through one final India installment, but for those of you who have sorely missed your weekly Great Dane in DaDane of DaWeek, I decided to toss you a bone.

This delightful photo comes courtesy of John and Kristen Winklareth, who wrote:

We live on Mission Bay in San Diego with our 2-year-old black boy Willem Agrippa (Valinor's Dutch General). One of his favorite activities is going to Fiesta Island, a normally barren mound of sand in the middle of Mission Bay, where he can run free along the beach and play with other like-minded dogs.

This year, we've finally broken our hundred-year drought with over 20 inches of rain, so far (twice the average). It's been so wet that the wild flowers are really living up to their name; growing completely out of control. On Fiesta Island, we're experiencing an explosion of daisies that stand up to five feet high and blanket the island.

As you might imagine, Grippy goes a little nuts when he gets lost in the dense, flowery brush. When he does, he lunges through the high stalks, leaping to get his head above the canopy of yellow and white, until he finally catches site of his "Mawr" or "Pawr" and comes crashing through the daisies to get back to us.

We thought you might enjoy this Easter portrait of a crazed Dane reuniting with his pack.

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