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 Created: 07/18/05


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Sam's Journey, Part 1 – 
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July 18, 2005 – This week's DaDane features Sam. He's a "rescue" who will be staying with me for a week or so. Three months ago Sam was found, malnourished and sick, wandering the streets of Ft. Rucker in southern Alabama. He'd been abandoned by his owner. Nobody knows how long he'd been on his own, but judging by his condition it had been way too long.

Sam was picked up by the military police and impounded at Ft. Rucker's Veterinary Treatment Facility. His exact age is unknown, but it's estimated he is between one and two years old, probably closer to two. He is relatively small in stature for a Dane. He weighed barely 100 pounds when he was picked up, which was far too thin for his frame. Although he was destined to be euthanized because the Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) can't board stray dogs, somebody saw potential in Sam and telephoned Christie Hall, a professional nurse who volunteers for Save-a-Pet. Christie rushed down to Ft. Rucker. She was told that Sam was infested with heartworms, hookworms and tapeworms. Due to his emaciated condition he could not be safely treated. Christie adopted Sam right then and there. Her mission was put some weight on him, return to VTF to get him the necessary medical treatments, restore him to good health and then find him a permanent home.

Things went well for Sam. After gaining weight he returned to VTF where he was treated, at cost, for heartworm, whipworms and tapeworms. He was also immunized, neutered and microchipped. Sam's health continued to improve until finally he was in good enough shape for adoption. Unfortunately the adoption didn't work out. Ten days into it, Sam was returned. His adopters said he and their older male Dane did not get along very well.

Looking for a home
Sam has been living happily with Christie and her husband, along with their three dogs, a Great Dane, Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu puppy, while Christie has been trying to find him a forever home. She tells me that smaller dogs and puppies are fairly easy to place in her area, but larger adult dogs can be problematic. She finally reached out to other organizations for help in placing Sam. A highly regarded rescue located in Canada offered to take Sam, confident he can be easily placed.

The Dane T.R.A.I.N. Network was called upon to help transport Sam from southern Alabama to eastern Canada. I heard about Sam while I was writing a recent article about Hector. Dane Train needed a place to "park" Sam for a week on his way to Canada. (Their volunteers drive mostly on the weekends and the trip from Alabama to Canada would be too long to complete over just one weekend.) I offered to foster him. My husband is out of town for three weeks and I thought it would be nice to have the extra company. Sam was supposed to arrive here last weekend, but Hurricane Dennis interfered with that plan. Well, he's here now, and that's what matters.

Strangers no more
I have to admit, it felt strange to bring a "stranger" into the house. I'm sure it felt odd to Sam, too. Sam is a very sweet dog. Clearly he went through a lot while living at Ft. Rucker. It's obvious that he had been kept outdoors full time rather than living inside. He hesitates when entering the house or passing through doorways. He moves carefully from room to room and he's awkward on stairs. I suspect he had also been abused because he's very submissive, he cringes whenever he hears an unexpected noise and he's very cautious of people he doesn't know. He almost certainly is the product of a "backyard breeder," but he is very pretty, none-the-less. His sleek black coat shines now that he has enjoyed good nutrition, and although he is timid and shy, he is also gentle and cooperative. No doubt the months he spent living with the Halls not only healed his medical problems, but contributed greatly to his emotional recovery. He's only been with me for a day, so I expect his true personality will begin to emerge after he's more settled in and relaxed. We'll see what the week brings.

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