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 Created: 08/08/05


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August 8, 2005 – The week's DaDane features Hannah, who was exactly 7 weeks old when I photographed her. At 20 pounds, Hannah is a very happy, healthy and robust puppy. She enjoys playing with her littermates – 2 female fawns, 1 fawn male, 2 male brindles, and 1 female brindle. I enjoyed playing with all the puppies, however, I am awfully glad I don't have to clean up after them. It's an endless job!

Update on Sam
Sam's transport to Canada went without a hitch. He has settled in at Birch Haven where he has already bonded with another rescue named Cletus. Sam and Cletus are both black, and both are around the same age. Cletus is very well adjusted and self confident. He is teaching Sam how to be a dog. Gwen writes,

"Sam went to the vet tonight. He weighs just over 114 pounds and he was given a full physical exam. I brought Cletus with us to the vet for 'confidence boosting' for Sam, and Sam did amazingly well. He climbed right onto the weight scale, allowed us to cut his nails, and looked towards Cletus for reassurance when it came time for his blood work. He did lean on me and the tech, yet he showed plenty of confidence in himself as he was handled by strangers. I am so proud of him! Cletus has done more for Sam than I think I could ever do in terms of boosting him up. Their bond grows stronger every day. Sam lets Cletus and Cherokee eat and drink from his bowls without any problems and he has not shown any aggression or possessiveness at this time towards anything.

It is amazing the difference that Cletus has made to Sam. For the last two nights, the two of them have done nothing but play! Sam is learning how to play like a dog and Cletus is now teaching him about toys and pull-ropes, etc. Sam is very interested, yet he does really know how to play with them. While Cletus is teaching Sam all the great things about being a dog, he is also teaching him not so good things, like the notion that there might be wonderful goodies hiding in the garbage!"

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