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 Created: 09/19/05


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Rokadanes Vanessa

September 19, 2005 – This week's DaDane features a young brindle named Nessa. She was nine months old at the Nationals last year when I photographed her. Nessa lives in Wisconsin with Marc and Allison Olivetti. From what I gather, she leads a very active life. Allison writes:

Nessa was bred by Scot and Peg Billings (Rokadane). When she came to us on February 21, 2004, she brought joy and boundless energy back to our home. Her first nickname was "The Shark" because she came in the door with her mouth open and she didn't close it for the next six months. Nothing was safe. Humans, felines, canines – we all were at the mercy of "The Shark."

I think the highlight of Nessa's career so far has been her role as a remodeler, especially while we were trying to get our Denver home ready for sale last year. Living room carpet too dark? Here, this powdered sugar should help lighten things up. Mom, I know you're having trouble making a decision on whether or not to replace the the kitchen floor, so guess what? I made it for you! You can start at this big hole I just ripped right in the middle of it the room. Nice, huh? On to the outdoor landscaping – nope, these flowers should be over there, this bush really needs trimming, and these rocks!! You can't mean you really want them here, do you? Let's try over there. See? That's much better.

Everyday Nessa makes us smile or just laugh out loud with something she does or a look she gives us. Thank you Peg and Scot for letting us add this sweet, beautiful girl to our lives.

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