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 Created: 09/11/06


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— Great Dane Haiku, II —

September 11, 2006 – Last week's haiku challenge was a great success, as you'll see in a moment. Before we get started, though, I want to acknowledge the significance of today's date with a few haiku's of my own:

planes became missiles
our world shifted safe no more
shock sorrow all one

the world was watching
us in our grief and anger
we found strength and pride

Okay, now we're back to the Great Dane haiku. You folks really got into it:

Here Boy, get the stick
If you wanted it so much,
Why did you throw it?
Look out, here he comes
Running like a semi-truck
Right into my legs.

It is bath time now.
Coax into the warm water.
Bye dirt – hello sheen

Soft thud awakes me
cold nose attacks my body
Great Dane invasion

View clouded over
Blue gray haze fills my vision
Great Dane on my lap

I mostly play deaf
There's a noise from the food bowl
Fast, I come running

Come Monday mornings
Ginnie always delights us
Visions of Great Danes
See raccoon nearby.
Mommy's glass window bye-bye
Many stitches my-my
Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink!
Fresh cold water in my mouth,
Shake away the rest!
Mother-in-law stay
Cold nose in a warm bathroom!
I am sneaky Dane.

Noble giant, now
fast asleep with four feet up –
Dignity all gone!

Pup – one year ago
I could hold you in one hand.
Now, you're a giant!
Puppy breath so sweet
I can sit and watch for hours
Future Apollos.

So much fun today!
We are playing fetch with sticks.
Bring you back a tree.

Anubis Egyptian God
Reborn, returned, shape of dog
Drool drips off my face

Ajax pride of greek lore
Majestic and tall as never before,
Cat on slobbery lips purr

Ears up when alert
Ears down when being a clown
Nose Smears all around!

Brown eyes hypnotize,
Drooly lips for you to kiss,
Warm, cozy where he lies.

Chasing dream bunnies,
The real ones will have to wait
Until I'm awake.

my boy I love you
my arms around you snuggled
comfy on the couch

Your soft eyes meet mine
Your tail balances slowly
We are so lucky

Mookie and Ra-Ra
Are they Great Danes or Broncos
Bucking all around

Having a Bad Day
Come home and see Furry Face
Happiness Returns

Hear rolling thunder?
No thunder – just a happy Dane
Running through the trees.

Walking Harlequin
Huge, ears up, alert, fine Dane
Wonderful; heads turn.

Dane walking, car slows,
"Put a saddle on that thing!"
How original!
Lips, ears drooping down
Long legs, feet sticking straight out.
Need a bigger couch.

Funny to now know
that you love the two brothers
as much as I do.

Gus says let us play
Grace says Not with me Huge Pest
Gus says where's the cat?

Pete says Arghhh and runs
Gus runs too and gets to gate
How did Pete clear that?

Naturally some of these are more successful than others, but all of them were fun to read. (Those that didn't follow the 5-7-5 "rule" were passed over.) Thank you, everyone, for participating. Feel free to add to the list...

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