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F A R E W E L L ,   S W E E T   E L M E R

February 5, 2007 — Seven years ago Wendi and Richard Newman adopted a skinny little merle Great Dane who had been found wandering the streets of Salinas, California. Homeless, frightened, and suffering from a bad case of Parvo, Elmer was rescued by a benevolent stranger who – hoping he could be saved – delivered him to All Pets Hospital. He was just 4 months old. The good people at All Pets nursed Elmer back to health, a slow process because he was so malnourished and so very ill. He was with them for 3 months. When Elmer was finally well enough for adoption, Wendi and Richard stepped in. Elmer had found his forever home.

I first met Wendi and Richard in March, 2000, during a trip to Monterey. Wendi and I had been corresponding by email and I was eager to meet up with her because I wanted to write a story about Elmer. I did just that, and you can read it here.

Last week I received an unexpected note from Wendy informing me of Elmer's passing. She wrote:

We lost beautiful sweet Elmer last week. We believe he had a gastric cancer of some kind. He was really only very sick for a few days, but he had been declining in health for a few months. He was almost 8.

Elmer was such a happy, intelligent, and sensitive guy. He hated loud noises, diesel trucks, but loved squeaky and talking toys. Most of all he loved to sing... and now Sherman also has a love of singing. Toward the last few months of his life, the two boys were singing unprompted at 7am, 3pm and 7 pm. Why?? We don't know, only that it must have felt so good to rip a good long howl!

We are fortunate to have Sherman (Granite's T'anks For The Memories) and someday soon we will add to the pack. For now, we train and wait for Sherman to mature into the lovely adult we know he will be.

Heartfelt condolences to Wendi and Richard.
Farewell, Sweet Elmer.

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