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— Anna, in Finland —

September 5, 2009 – Installments on DaDane of DaWeek have been pretty spotty this summer, primarily due to my travels. I find it difficult to work on (and update) the site while we're on the road. Often we don't even have a stable internet connection. August was particularly hectic. We spent a week in Finland, which included a fabulous side-trip to Estonia. As soon as we got back to Germany I was diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease. (I contracted the disease right here in Lower Saxony, courtesy of an infected tick.) While I was undergoing a 2-week treatment for Lyme, we were on the road touring southern Germany in a rented car. Ten days "back at home" in Germany and bam! — we're now in Monaco for 5 days. From here, we'll head down to Barcelona for another 5 days. After we get back from Spain we have just 2 weeks to put our affairs in order and pack up for our return to the US on October 1. Whew!

In a previous installment I mentioned the failure of one of my compact flash cards and the resulting loss of a large number of photos from Finland. I am pleased to report that SanDisk's Extreme RescuePro software recovered the files. Ironically, the failed card was a Lexar card in a Lexar reader, yet Lexar's widely touted ImageRescue 3 app was unable to identify and/or recover the missing files. So it really pays to try different rescue programs if you can't bear to lose your files.

Now for some new photos...
Pictured above is King's Ransom Anna Alfadane, aka Anna. This was one of the lost photos from Tampere and Kangasala. If you missed the story about Anna and her extended family, click here. Below are additional "resurrected" photos from our visit with Anu-Liisa and Pekka.

Anna is a feisty one-year-old living in Kangasala, Finland

A lovely view above Tampere, Finland

The famous Tampereen Tuomiokirkko (Tampere Cathedral)

It's a gorgeous Finnish cathedral, over 100 years old

I loved the cathedral, especially the interior

with its distinctive design and rich evocative details

Here's another view

One section of the ceiling with a partial view of the organ
( More info about Tampere Cathedral can be found here )

We met this gentleman outside his house in Tampere. He told us he is 92 and that he's lived
in the same house for 70 years. Then he added, "but I've lived other places, too."

This is my portrait of him. I'm not sure he'd like it.

This house was fairly typical for the neighborhood.

... but this gate certainly wasn't!

Brilliant red lilies were blooming nearby

— Now let's move on to Helsinki —

By now you must know I like to photograph urban architecture

Each city seems to have a unique architectural character

Helsinki is no exception

I'm also fascinated by various people we see on the street

This fellow was a street performer; he had a great gig going

We were down by the harbor one day; a man was selling potatoes from his boat

Other interesting people could be seen in the area

Many of them were shoppers

Others were vendors; I think this man was selling furs

A variety of handcrafted merchandise was for sale

I liked this lady's hat

I liked this child's attitude

I liked this lady's hair

And this woman's lack of it

My husband doesn't understand my fascination with people;
he's much more interested in looking at food

He was not disappointed by the food we saw in Finland

He particularly liked the crawfish and shrimp

and having so many dishes to choose from at so many types of restaurants

This man was trying to figure out what he wanted. It was berry season ...

... and mushroom season

Most visitors to Helsinki spend some of their time near the water

where they see boats of all description

We took a day trip to nearby Suomenlinna Island

I believe most people go there to view the fortifications

We were more interested in the views

We were not disappointed

It was a beautiful day

Some brave souls went swimming, but they didn't stay in the ice-cold water very long

The algae near the shoreline was interesting

Here's a closer view

Hopefully I haven't bored you to death with so many photographs

I just wanted to share some of my favorites

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