Dane Owner's Checklist

You know you are a Great Dane owner when...

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  • you use a snow shovel for a pooper scooper

  • you replace your fullwave waterbed mattress for a motionless mattress because when the dog circles three times before laying down, it is like being on the Mayflower in bad weather

  • you're showering and suddenly your dog joins you... for a drink

  • your puppy's newest toy is your daughter's 8-pound bowling ball

  • you walk through the house at 2 a.m. to let him out and you accidently kick his giant bone -- you have to go to the hospital for stitches on your big toe

  • My Great Dane has ARTHRITIS.
    Does yours?

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    you really can blame rude noises on the dog

  • the mailman rings the doorbell, runs to his truck, and waits for you to come to the curb to give you your mail

  • your dog backs up out of small rooms

  • when you bring your new dog home and take him for his first walk, the noisiest dogs in the neighborhood fall silent

  • you child-proof all of your cabinets and doors – above 3 feet

  • you set 5 places at the dinner table, but only 4 chairs

  • your dog thinks it's funny to yawn with his head just above the cat, then close his mouth over her entire head

  • at least two drinking glasses a week are broken by his wagging tail

  • you learn to hold the handrail and hug the wall when the dog passes you going up and down stairs

  • your child waits in line while the dog jumps on her trampoline

  • your two dogs sneak onto the bed in the middle of the night, and you wake up feeling like one of those dividers in a TV dinner

  • you go to the vet and they give you your own private waiting area

  • your housekeeper quits when she learns your dog is pregnant

  • your 110-pound puppy just doesn't understand it when other dogs bark at him and run away

  • you go camping and you bring an extra sleeping bag and sweatshirt for your dog

  • your Christmas tree decorations start 40" from the base of the tree

  • one of your sleeves looks like it has been starched due to his drool

  • you find yourself consoling a 140-pound dog and reassuring him that the 4 pound kitten didn't mean to hurt his feelings

  • you have bruises on your thighs from that weird leaning thing he does

  • the term "lap dog" takes on a whole new meaning

  • you begin referring to smaller dogs as "treats on feet"

  • it takes three attendants to lift your dog onto the vet's table, but only if he's cooperating
  • your smoke detector keeps getting knocked off the ceiling

  • while sitting on the computer you get various dog toys stuffed into the back of your shirt; when you finally turn around, your dog is staring down at you

  • all the programs on your computer are Dane related or have Dane graphics as headings

  • you point to the top shelf and say "Get that for momma"

  • you no longer need to worry about dieting and exercise for yourself because all your food money goes to kibble, and all your free time goes to walking the dog

  • windex takes on a whole new meaning 

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