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Sara Craven @ 1:00PM | May 12th 2003|

Thanks for writing about rescue. We (Great Dane Rescue of North Texas) are having a really tough month, but despite no money or enough foster homes, keep plugging away. It is stories like Zippy's (and SOOOO many others) that keep us going....stretched bank accounts and all!

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Debby Rahl @ 2:33PM | May 12th 2003|

Hi Ginnie,

I have to tell you I was thrilled to see Zippy as DaDAne of the week. Zippy is my Buster's brother.

I say a little prayer of thanks to Biene every day for saving the litter so that Buster could come into our lives.

I was fortunate enough to foster 2 of the pups, Buster and his brother Emmit. Emmit went to his new home at about 16 weeks of age and my husband and I found we couldn't part with Buster.

Fortunately for Buster he has not had the same health problems that have plaqued Zipp. He's a pretty active happy 6 year old.

Thanks again for featuring Zipp and for honoring Biene with this week's DaDane. She certainly deserves it!

Debby Rahl
Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc.

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Sharon Korzi @ 2:34PM | May 12th 2003|

I always check in with DaDane of the Week, but Zippy's story really caught my attention! I have a 7 year old female who is the center of my world. Some of the personality similarities are creepy down to the sudden fear of fireworks! She had a start similar to Zippy's and at her heaviest tipped the scale at 70 pounds - very, very tiny. The vets advised not to try to pack weight on her since her frame was so small but her hind legs shake terribly (something that has gotten worse as she has gotten older). I've sought the help of a chiropractor who is certified to help animals. She goes for weekly adjustments and since she has been going is like a pup again! She's playing with my 10 month old puppy and begging at the dinner table again. Her appetite has even increased! The shaking has minimized by about 90%. I'm just so pleased with the results and wanted to share with others who love the breed!

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Ingrid Dohler @ 2:54PM | May 12th 2003|

Ginnie: I do hope that every one who reads about the rescue situation will open their pocket book and contribute to a Dane Rescue of their choice.

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Marie @ 12:00PM | May 13th 2003|

Thank you Ginnie and all Dane Rescue workers. I'd like to know more about animal chiropractors. IT goes to show how much we love our Danes and what we will do to help this wonderful breed...

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Nancy McCann @ 4:58PM | May 14th 2003|

I'm glad you write about such an important subject.
Bless you - you truly are a Dane-Angel! Zippy is a lucky & a wonderful boy!
I wanted to mention that the current symptoms you mention - weak, shaky rear legs, inability to handle stress, exhaustion, vomiting, bouts of thirst - are all signs of Addison's Disease(adrenal failure) -- My 8 yr. old, Klondike, was diagnosed at age 4 1/2 yrs. after he had also been treated with Prednisone & Antibiotics. You may want to check into it. Other signs are skin problems, difficulty handling heat and cold, fur grows longer, added pigmentation, weight loss.
Klondike has been a happy, healthy boy again since going on hormone replacement therapy.

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Ginnie @ 7:54PM | May 14th 2003|


I agree about having Zipp's adrenal function tested. In fact, I suggested this to Biene right after she sent me Zippy's story. Her clinic ought to be able to perform an adrenal test when they do the thyroid. Biene told me she would request it.

Addison's (low adrenal hormone) is a condition that is easily overlooked by veterinarians. I've been thinking about doing a DaDane story on it because I've received numerous letters in the past from people who lost their Danes to Addison's, usually because the diagnosis came TOO LATE to save the dog. While Addison's isn't particularly common to the breed, I suspect it occurs more often then we might think, particularly because some cases are undiagnosed.


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Susan @ 9:14PM | May 15th 2003|

I loved the story about rescue and Zippy this week. I love to read about rescue stories with happy endings.

As soon as I finished though I wanted to write and suggest checking Zippy for Addisons (which I see has been mentioned) and also, if that's not it, Wobblers or associated disease.

My Chili had Wobblers and had many of Zippy's symptoms (at the time I insisted he be tested for Addisons - I never thought it was wobblers).

Hugs and goober to Zippy and Biene. I hope to hear good news for them soon.

Susan, Jenny, Bubble and gang

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Suzanne Gregor @ 3:06PM | May 17th 2003|

What a heartfelt rescue story. I have 2 male danes (2yrs & 5yrs) & an 8 yr old female. The 2 yr old was rescued & I am currently searching for a home for him, will keep him healthy & happy until I do. He has begun to act like a big boy and wants to fight my older male. I love these magnificent dogs. One day would love to help rescue more! Keep on rescuing!!!!

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Mary Ellen @ 12:17AM | Aug 10th 2003|

We own a Great Dane - Bella- 2 years old. She was losing weight, lethargic, drinking and urinating excessively. Vets were baffled. Last week rushed in to emergency clinic where she was diagnosed w/Addison's. She had lost 15lbs. in 10 days and was near death. She was having tremors all over her body. We have her home now and she has had her first DOCP shot and we are giving prednisone...trying to find a good balance. She is still exhibiting excessive thirst. We are so lucky she is alive and would like to hear more about what it was like in the beginning after learning the diagnosis and establishing the amount of medication and how long before the dogs were back to normal.

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