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Scot Billings @ 8:55AM | Aug 11th 2003|

Ginnie, that is a beautiful collection & looks even better this time than the first time.
Paula, the memories that you described are similar to many of our own. Peg & I are glad that Maggie helped to "introduce" you many years ago. We enjoy your company at National & are just sad that we will not be in Florida but will wait to see you in Texas next year.

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Chantel O. Johnson @ 9:45AM | Aug 11th 2003|

Dear Ginnie & Paula,

What a beautiful tribute to a lovely dog. She gave so much.


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Bob @ 9:59AM | Aug 11th 2003|

That was a truly wonderful story. I am also involved in pet therapy and I am often amazed how a small visit from Xena (my boston Dane) brightens up the lives of the sick and infirmed. It is truly amazing how animals have such a profound impact on the human spirit!

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Maggie's other aunt @ 1:50PM | Aug 11th 2003|

Ginnie, I have never met you, but thank you for this tribute to my "niece". She left a small hole in my life, too, and will miss her dearly.

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Doug @ 1:53PM | Aug 11th 2003|

Just another example of how its impossible to consider another breed of dog. They give so much in their short time on this planet... my/our thoughts are with you Paula

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joan @ 2:43PM | Aug 11th 2003|

wonderful pictures and a beautiful tribute to a precious caring soul and the human companion who loved her.

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angie maddox @ 3:25PM | Aug 11th 2003|

Paula, I'm so sorry for the lost of a dear friend. Maggie was so gentle and compassionate. Jason and I loved her missed.

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Rick Vanderhoef @ 2:57AM | Aug 12th 2003|

Paula, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Maggie. This was a similar situation with our Duchess (1977-1985). Although Duchess didn't do the work that Maggie did, she too was able to make connections with people, and she showed undying love and compassion to everyone. (She was especially wonderful with children---it was like she knew that they needed extra care, and that she needed to be extra careful around them.)
We still miss Duchess 18 years later, and we always will---as I'm sure you will with Maggie.
Our very best to you and yours in this time of loss.


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Barbara Sandberg @ 2:11PM | Aug 12th 2003|

Dear Ginnie & Paula

Thank you for your sharing the wonders of another Great, Great Dane. We also had 11 1/2 precious years with our Jack who was truly amazing with his connection to humans. His litter was rejected by their mother on their 3rd day so all 11 were hand fed by a wonderful, wonderful dane mom. Perhaps this had something to do with the greater human qualities he possessed than our other danes. All we know is that he was special and so are our other past and current friends.

As always, we know their lives are never long enough, but what they give in the time they have to share with us on this earth is truly special and will always be remembered. We share your loss and love,

Love, Barbara Sandberg

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Aimee Ross @ 10:29PM | Aug 13th 2003|

Ginnie, what a beautiful tribute. Paula, your words were very moving. May you look back and remember all the wonderful times you & Maggie had together. You are in my thoughts.

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Lynne @ 1:25PM | Aug 14th 2003|

your lovely tribute made me cry. i hope all of our Danes know that we love and respect them as much as you did Maggie. I think I need to go home and tell my dane what a great honor she is in my life.

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Vic Deverian @ 6:32PM | Aug 14th 2003|

Dear Paula, I am so very sorry to read about your loss. Maggie was a beautifull special dane and she will live on in your heart forever. When your time on this earth is done, I'm sure your loving girl will be waiting for you in heaven. She will come running at full speed and jump up on your shoulders and give you endless kisses. Until then, the Lord will take good care of your girl and He will take good care of you during this difficult time. Take Care, Vic.

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Sharon @ 1:02PM | Aug 16th 2003|

Thank you for sharing your sad, but very heart warming story. I suppose I needed a good cry! May God bless you and the memories you have.

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Susan @ 11:59PM | Aug 21st 2003|

I can not express how much your story has touched me. I am so very sorry for your loss. There are no words to make this any easier as we have just had to put our rescued greyhound down after only 6 very short years of life.

I came to your page as I was searching for information on Great Danes, as we have decided to make this wonderful breed the next member of our family.

Thank you for reassuring us that the Dane is nothing but the wonderful breed we thought it was.

May each day get a little easier for you and may Maggie's memory live forever in your heart.

We can only hope that our Dane will be as special Maggie was.

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Karl @ 2:20PM | Aug 23rd 2003|

After recently losing one of my brindle girls I understand the loss of a truly GREAT Great Dane. As time marches on they will come and go but always leaving that special moment that no other companion can replace.


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Marilyn Law-Burriss @ 6:16PM | Feb 22nd 2006|

Paula: I lost my Harle. girl 2 years ago and know the loss you feel. After spending at least 1 1/2 years searching, I found my new girl, Zena. I know your loss is such an empty abyss but there is another Dane waiting to fill your life and wonderful service to patients. Keep up the work and thank you for sharing Maggie with us.

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