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Valerie @ 2:00PM | Oct 26th 2004


It was great to see you in TX.
We had a wonderful time and were proud to come home with a few nice brags. Wish we could have brought some of those gorgeous babies home with us too.

Already getting excited for next years National when us folks in AZ get to play host.

Can't wait to see the pics you took at National.
Glad you made it home safely.

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Ingrid @ 9:11PM | Oct 26th 2004

Ginnie, the photo of Quincy is fabulous! You are right, she is beautiful, intelligent, determined!! and funny with a sense of humor. However, where, pray tell, did you find maturity in her? ROFL. I experienced her during her visit here a few months ago. Miss Live Wire. It truly was fun to have her around!

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Apple @ 1:48AM | Oct 27th 2004

Hi, Ginnie...

That's a wonderful photo of Quincy. She's a gorgeous dog and will be a great champion one day, I'm sure. I know what Ingrid means about finding her in a "mature" mood. Paula has regaled me with tales of her playfulness often. Don't you just luvit?

Sorry I couldn't be with you all. Hope you'll post lots of pix of the National.

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Ginnie @ 8:07AM | Oct 27th 2004


I think Quincy matured a lot while she was living for a month with her handler, Paige McCarver. She still has her trademark high energy and ability to elicit laughs, but when she's in the ring, Quincy becomes a "professional dog" who does her job while enjoying every minute of it. When she was with us in the hotel room, she was incredibly well-behaved. Nothing seemed to rattle her. Loud unidentified noises from outside, the hotel cleaning staff, even the vacuum cleaner – she seemed completely comfortable with whatever came her way. She also had a long attention span, especially when it came to tracking down a hidden toy. I guess all that fits my definition of "maturity" in a young dog. No doubt after she's home for awhile, she'll begin to "let her hair down" and come up with some new shenanigans to keep Paula on her toes!


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NalasMom @ 8:16AM | Oct 27th 2004

What a BEAUTIFUL dog!!!

When you see such an incredible animal, you see all the intellegence, the curiosity, the inherent beauty that is the Great Dane...what a great photo.
Nala's Mom

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Linda @ 3:18PM | Oct 30th 2004

Quincy is gorgeous. So intelligent looking. Great Shot. Jesse our 6 year old loves her Giggly Wiggly, although it no longer giggles. LOL!!!

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