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Cindy Niske @ 10:15AM | Nov 8th 2004

Thank you, Ginnie, from the bottom of my heart for highlighting this most dignified lady. She truly was "lady-like" in everything she did. Gentle, soft, easy going, and EVERYONE who entered my home fell in love with Amber over all of the others for the above reasons.
I am so, so blessed for having had her in my life, and so thankful to Lorraine for trusting me with her.
How I wish everyone could have met her and felt that same majestic quality you have captured in her portrait, a talent for which you exceed all others.
Thank you, thank you. Cindy

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Bonni @ 1:29PM | Nov 8th 2004

Great story. Amber is simply gorgeous!!!


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Valerie @ 2:51PM | Nov 8th 2004

Ginnie, Cindy and Lorraine,

I love this photo of Amber and was glad to have the chance to see it on display at the GDCA National in TX.
Absoultely beautiful lady. Very regal and majestic.

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Paula @ 3:56PM | Nov 8th 2004

Ginnie, Cindy and Lorraine-

The photos of Amber are gorgeous, and the story is a real tribute to a marvelous example of this breed. I had the pleasure of meeting Amber on a visit to Cindy and Glenn's, and I will never forget her. She was truly wonderful in every way. I know you will miss her, but you have so much to proud of, too.

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Cheryl @ 6:04PM | Nov 10th 2004

Thanks so much for this story. I lost my male, Winston, last year to osteosarcoma and it just reminded me of how sad it truly is. If you have any observations (on the disease), I would appreciate it. Amber was sooo beautfiul!!

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Pat Girard @ 6:45PM | Nov 10th 2004


Thank you for the beautiful story of Amber. Cindy and Glen, I'm very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful girl!

Pat Girard

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John Hopkins @ 7:36PM | Nov 10th 2004

Beautiful pic of a regal old gal!

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Cathy Allen @ 1:44PM | Nov 12th 2004

Ginny, Cindy and Lorraine,

I saw Amber with Susie Caldwell showing in Monroe, LA, and thought she was the most beautiful Dane. Ginny, you did such a nice job with this story. And Lorraine and Cindy, I just want to thank you for allowing me to have Ivey. Amber's legancy lives on!! She looks so much like her Mom.

Cathy Allen and Ivey

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Rick Vanderhoef @ 5:28PM | Nov 12th 2004

Cindy, I'm sorry for your loss of Anber. She was beautiful. She reminds me of our Duchess (1977-1985).

---Rick V.
Wurzburg, Germany

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Jennifer U. Bell @ 5:52PM | Nov 12th 2004

Cindy: I'm so for your loss of the beautiful Amber. She was the very first show Dane I had contact with. In our little old town of Port Allen, LA, near Baton Rouge, Suzie Caldwell helped me groom my very first show puppy for a dog show. During those nights at Suzie's house, I spent hours staring at Amber's beautiful face and admiring her, think how I'd love to have one just like her one day! Suzie had to move away and I missed Amber so much. I'm glad to know she went to such a loving home and I knew she'd one day be something great, because she stole my heart away, even as a novice!

Ginnie - she so deserved this.

Jennifer U. Bell
Diamond Star Great Danes

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JP Yousha @ 1:25PM | Nov 13th 2004

This not only beautifully shows a beautiful Veteran & tells the story of an outstandind Dane bitch, it illustrates a successful mentor relationship & shows how this kind of "apprenticed" situation can benefit all involved, and how it can be a very vibrant way for the experienced to pass on what they know, while all share in the joy that the dogs can bring to our lives.

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Anita Boland @ 5:38PM | Nov 15th 2004

Wow where do I start with this!? Cindy, Amber was absolutly beautiful! I am sorry I never had the privilege of meeting her. But, I have seen the beauty, regal elegance and grace in her awesome babies! I want to thank Lorraine for being such a great mentor for you and Glenn! You both have taken that wisdom and caring and you are passing it on, and I love you both for it!! Thank You! Ginnie, I think it is soooo great what you do! The pictures you take are breath taking! You have a wonderful way with words! Thank You Too!!

Rick, Anita, Hunter, MaeMae and Rainey

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Mindy Pierce @ 9:23PM | Jan 7th 2005|

Her tenth puppy finished today.

Amber's boy VZTop's The Brigadier General finished his championship in Deland this afternoon, and then went Best of Winners.

And now Amber has earned her place in the Great Dane Club of America's Hall of Fame.

This has been a most unexpected journey for someone who was looking for a pet Great Dane from a good background! But for Sir, who loves the show ring, it's been brindle bliss!

I fell in love with Sir when I saw his first puppy pictures, and I am so grateful that Lorraine let me bring him home.

Mindy and Sir
CH VZTop's The Brigadier General
CHIC # 16361

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