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marie @ 4:58PM | Jan 3rd 2005|

didn't you have a bad storm last year as well? Here in California it has been rain rain and more rain. guess i shouldn't complain. Merlin looks quite handsome standing there in the road looking back. Wishing you and all Da Dane folks a happy New Year. Ditto your remarks on 2004 Ginnie

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Ginnie @ 5:56PM | Jan 3rd 2005|

We had a MAJOR ice storm last January with an awful lot of timber down. That certainly helped us last week because the trees had already been "thinned" by the earlier event. This one wasn't nearly so bad, thank goodness. Merlin still barked every time he heard the snap and rip of a falling limb. He doesn't like strange noises.

Happy New Year to you, too!


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Ingrid Dohler @ 10:40AM | Jan 4th 2005|

Happy New Year, Ginnie! As beautiful as the landscape looks after an ice storm, it raises havoc with the trees. I remember those storms from the time I lived in Massachussetts. We lost a number of birches due to the weight of the ice.

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Mary Lugo @ 12:24PM | Jan 4th 2005|

"Thank You" for a year of wonderful words and pictures, Ginnie. Happy New Year from Maud, Simon and the Cottontail Ranch gang.

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dianne @ 12:25PM | Jan 4th 2005|

Happy New Year Ginnie and crew. I spent the weekend cleaning up broken branches from our storm...we started with 3 hours of rain then it turned to snow. Lots of broken stuff...made me do some thinning<G>

Ingrid - didn't loose my birches but htey were laying on the ground for a couple of days.

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Rick V @ 6:35PM | Jan 4th 2005|

Happy New Year, Ginnie. Glad you survived the storm.

I have to admit that although it's painful when they have to dig them up, I'm glad that the electricity and phone lines in Germany are under ground. We don't ususally get the loss of electricity and stuff in storms like that (Summer or Winter).

I'm glad that things are well and back to normal again. Take care.


PS---Berlin was GREAT during the new year celebrations---as it always is. :-)

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kioap @ 3:37AM | Jan 5th 2005|

Thank goodness you & your community were not hit as hard as last year.
We were very pleased to follow and agree with your sentiments of the year past, and the recognition of the suferring of our fellowman.
One Planet,
One People

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