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Debi Gibson @ 12:16PM | Jul 18th 2005|

Thanks for the pictures and update on Sam! I helped with the dane train. He is such a pretty dog! My heart went out to him, he seemed scared. Thanks for helping!!! I also enjoyed reading about Hector. Being part of the dane train has been a great experience! Enjoy your stay with Sam.

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Janet @ 1:00PM | Jul 18th 2005|

Sam's a handsome gentlemaan.. look alot like my Libby when she was younger.. just a tad of white with some white on her toes... hope things work out for Sam.. all dogs deserve a great home with lots of TLC..... keep us posted on how Sam does....

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Chantel O. Johnson @ 2:31PM | Jul 18th 2005|

Sam is beautiful. Thank you for sharing his story.

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Vicky @ 3:23PM | Jul 18th 2005|

He looks like my big black handsom Sam. Would you consider keeping him, as you are currently Dane-less?

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Janet @ 3:33PM | Jul 18th 2005|

I too had the same thoughts as Vivky....maybe ?????

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Teresa @ 4:08PM | Jul 18th 2005|

such a shame this dog was not microchipped. If breeders microchipped ALL puppies prior to sale the dog could be traced. Unfortunately there will always be breeders who choose not to do this (good and bad) because they don't want to spend the money or some other reasons, but it would certainly be helpful to rescue if they did!

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Michelle @ 4:43PM | Jul 18th 2005|

Sam reminds me of my Trixie before she went all grey in the face, but I love her grey face too! I love those ears! Have a great week!

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Ginnie @ 4:44PM | Jul 18th 2005|


You're right. I know for a fact that the first thing they did when Sam arrived at VTF was scan him for a microchip and there was none.

At least now he's been chipped.


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Ginnie @ 5:08PM | Jul 18th 2005|

Vicky and Janet,

As far as keeping Sam goes, it is tempting, but now is not the time for us. We have a lot of travel coming up and I think it would be easier without a new dog to worry about. (Easier for the dog, too!) I still miss Merlin terribly.

I think Sam would probably do better in a home with another dog. He would certainly enjoy the company, and it might be good for him to have a confident, well-adjusted canine companion to learn from. But that's just my opinion.

My husband arrives back home later this week and it will be interesting to see how he relates to Sam. If he and Sam were to form some magical bond, maybe we'd think about keeping him. I just don't know. I like Sam a lot but I am trying to stay detached so I don't have to send him off next week in tears. ;-)


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JOANNE @ 5:20PM | Jul 18th 2005|

Ginnie what a wonderful looking dog Sam is. Hard to believe someone could be so heartless and leave him. So many dane owners would love to have him. Great pictures. Keep up the great work you do for all dane owners

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Judi B. @ 5:28PM | Jul 18th 2005|

Our Lucy not only looks like Sam, but has a very similar story. She is a small black Dane with white on her chest, and when she was picked up by Animal Control weighed only 78 lbs.

Animal Control thought she was much to nice a dog to euthanize and contacted a woman that they knew had a particular interest in rescuing Danes, and that is who we eventually got Lucy from.

She was about 1-1/2 yrs. old and had been on the streets for at least 3 weeks. The rescue started working immediately on her nutrition and health so that she could be spayed before we brought her home.

She was skiddish and appeared to have never played, but once she got used to our other dogs and having 5 acres to roam around on, she settled right in.

We have had her now for 7 years and except for a delicate stomach every now and then, she is a beautiful and health dog. If we didn't already several dogs, we would jump at the chance to take Sam.

Thank you for all you do to bring stories like Sam's and Hector's to a large audience. Hopefully someday people will stop abandoning and abusing God's most beautiful creatures and we won't need your services!!


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Ken @ 6:10PM | Jul 18th 2005|

Thanks for posting Sam's picture! We have been Dane less for about 1 year (BB was 12) after having a house full since 1972. Where in Canada is he going? We are in the Toronto area and would love to meet him in person!

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Aimee @ 11:07AM | Jul 19th 2005|

It is hard to not form a bond with a foster. I am known as a foster failure with MAGDRL because I can't let them go once they are in my house. My last adopted dane, Piper has auto-immune endocrine issues and I just couldn't imagine someone else having to deal with all her medications. And her enormous vet bills, one thing is she is happy (and i am too)! And the sick ones seem to find their way into my life. Dealing with Mega with my first to and abused dane my 3rd, wobblers with my 4th and then there is Piper. We just deal with it.
(Thank goodness my Merlin is healthy LOL)

Anyway,Ginnie, Sam is beautiful and you are doing a great thing fostering. I wish you both luck and I hope that Sam will be comfortable enough in your house to show his goofy dane colors! If he was at my house I don't think I'd let him go.....(That's why hubby won't let me foster anymore!)

Thanks for this DaDane of the week.


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Scot Billings @ 1:12PM | Jul 19th 2005|

Ginnie, You said "I like Sam a lot but I am trying to stay detached so I don't have to send him off next week in tears.". There are a lot of us that know you well enough to know that there WILL be tears but we hope that Sam does not see them. For you, & many of us, a week with a handsome guy like Sam is plenty of time to become attached.
Thank you for another great DaDane that is a credit for Dane TRAIN & others, including you.


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Janet @ 1:33PM | Jul 19th 2005|

like the others there will be tears and that's ok,,, you have provided a great dog with a temporary home till he finds his forever home.... as you said you have a lot of traveling to do and it probably would'nt be fair to Sam to board him out so soon... nor fair to you guys worrying about him...
there will be another Dane to help ease the lost of you're boys... it's just a matter of time..... and you and Billy will know when it's time..{ if it's Sam that's great, but if not he will find a home soon}........

as Scott says " there will be teares".... because you both are caring people there will be tears.......
enjoy the time with Sam......

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Jennifer Dow @ 3:52PM | Jul 20th 2005|

Ginnie, I may be meeting Sam next weekend, as I have signed up to do a leg of his long trip. I can't wait to meet him!! Jennifer

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Logan @ 10:32PM | Jul 20th 2005|

Does Sam really have to go all the way to Canada? Maybe the wonderful and overworked rescue volunteers could save their time and gas money if someone closer to home read this and wanted to adopt him...

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sheilapa @ 11:02PM | Jul 20th 2005|

He's gorgeous!!! Reminds me of my rescue black--although Tonka is far from shy. What a handsome face and nice bone structure! Much as I keep saying no more black danes because of the hair, ahhh, I can't resist their souful eyes! THanks for sharing Sam, Ginnie.

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Galen @ 12:21PM | Jul 21st 2005|

Who would have thought than on May 19 I would enter an entry into Merlin's book and only a month later I would loose my own Dane. She was 12 years old and was found at a park in 1993 near St. Louis, MO. I can't believe she is gone. I can't believe I can hurt this bad. My wife is devistated and so am I because we had her put to sleep because her back legs didn't work and her left front sholder could not support any weight. We knew she had Cushings but didn't know that it effected the back hips. I just thought she was old. Then we found out that Cushings is treatable and she might have recoverd some of her mobility had we treated her, though some of the treatments are very harsh with many side effects. The overwhelming guilt about this is killing me, My wife is overwroght with guilt for not having stopped me from having her put down. Please if your dog has Cushings make sure you do all the research to find out what can be done. Don't rely on the Vet's to tell you, they won't. You must do the research yourself. Chloe, my dearest Chloe we miss you and love you and I am so, so sorry.

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Janet @ 2:05PM | Jul 21st 2005|

to Galen and his wife,,, please don't let the guilt overcome you.. you did what was probably the right thing.... as you stated sometimes the treatment can be harder on the patient than the disease.. age is another BIG factor in how to control a health issue.. I lost my 81/2 old to a small bowel obstruction.. I opted not to do surg due to her age and overall decline in health that we all face as we get older.. how do you explain to you're best friend in the whole wide world that you are going to cause her physical pain and then maybe not even be able to help her...

by all means grieve,,, we need that ..and like others ,,,I am still grieving for Libby and probably always will .. it's a part of us...

and some day another companion will come into you're lifes and enrich you with the love that you have lost... you will never forget Chole as all of us will never forget our friends.. and someday you will be re-united at the rainbow bridge... please accept my sympathy for you're loss

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michele campbell @ 6:11PM | Jul 21st 2005|


I would love to help out this sweet boy any way I could, but I live in Florida. If anyone ever needs any help from the Central Florida area just give me a call or email. I'm sending a hug and kiss and best wishes to Sam and everyone helping out :-)

Michele Campbell

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Crystal @ 8:30PM | Jul 21st 2005|

Oh Sam is so handsome! We adopted a Dane much like Sam, small, malnourished, and scared of his own shadow. 2 1/2 years later, he is healthy and happy and as full of soup as any Harl out there! Sam's forever home is waiting right now, they just don't know it yet and Sam won the Dane lottery when he was found. He is at least now safe and his future has no limits!!!

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marie @ 9:55PM | Jul 21st 2005|

OH my he looks so much like my Moses who will be 7 next month. I am so partial to black danes and Sam is just beautiful. If I were not here in CA I would come to see him. please keep us updated I want to know how he is doing. It breaks my heart so to hear about his past. Danes are not outside dogs they are to be with and loved by their family at all times and live inside the house. Bless you!

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Doreen @ 5:24PM | Jul 22nd 2005|

We live near Detroit, and would be happy to help Sam get to Canada, if someone is needed on this leg of the trip.

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Lori @ 8:18PM | Jul 22nd 2005|

Dear Ginnie,
Sam is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could adopt him and every dog like him who has been mistreated or left alone to fend for themselves. I see that you mentioned the rainbow bridge. I know about the rainbow bridge, but some of your readers might not. I think you should print it for everyone to read. I too like Galen and his wife had to put my beloved friend to sleep. Her name was Lexie and she was a English Springer Spaniel. She had arthritis in her spine and could not hold her urine. The vet said there were things we could try but no guarantees. My main concern was her pain. I also have guilt, but I pray I did the right thing. I would love to do a leg of the trip for Sam. I live in Erie, PA and I have a sister who lives in Canada.

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Betti @ 1:34AM | Jul 23rd 2005|

I live in Maine and am currently trying to adopt a rescue Dane but they are few and far between here:(
Can you tell me more about the dane train?

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Annette @ 12:25AM | Jul 24th 2005|

I hope Sam makes a happy journey to his new home & family, where ever it may be.
I live in midwestern Ontario, and would love to help in his journey, if he still needs a ride! What wonderful joy a Dane can bring to a family. Good Luck Sam.

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Cat Sanborn @ 1:03AM | Jul 24th 2005|

Ginnie - How does one become a member of Dane Train?? Thanks for another great life story. You go Sam.

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Su Wiliams @ 12:35PM | Nov 8th 2005|

I have heard that Sam now has his forever home & is doing well. I had the pleasure of helping with the transport & fostering overnite. Sam was the saddest dog I ever met. Soooo well behaved too. What a sweetheart. He broke my heart. So glad he is now safe and happy.

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