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Mary A Lugo @ 10:14PM | Mar 5th 2006|

Oh Ginnie,

I love the lizard! I've been checking every day for more Hawaii pictures and it has been worth the wait. Beautiful. I often find overcast days more enchanting than the sun...

See you soon, Mary

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Barb @ 4:00AM | Mar 6th 2006|

Once again, your pictures are absolutely amazing!! I can practically reach out and touch the petals and feel the ocean spray on my face.
I cannot believe the sharpness and resolution you get from a digital camera - I know you've mentioned before what camera you use, but I couldn't find the reference in the archived DaDanes. What are you using, if you don't mind the question?

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Ginnie @ 8:25AM | Mar 6th 2006|

I'm glad you like the photos. :-)

I use the Canon 20D, which I love. The lenses are actually more important than the camera, though. When it comes to clarity, the better the "glass" the better the pictures. I also have a couple of tricks I sometimes use in Photoshop to further enhance sharpness.

Shooting in RAW format is another necessity. It's like having a digital negative. I can alter the image's white balance, exposure, contrast (and much more) after shooting - all this in a more flexible, accurate 16-bit color space.

I guess my point is that the camera is just one part of the equation. High quality lenses and careful post processing in Photoshop are very important, too.

Hope this helps,

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Scot Billings @ 11:28AM | Mar 6th 2006|

Once again, beautiful pictures & fabulous spectrum of flowers, scenery & I think that looks like a monitor lizard. You two must be having a wonderful time. Thank you for the photos.

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Jacqueline Venchi @ 3:32PM | Mar 6th 2006|

Wow Ginnie, Georgia O'Keefe would have been proud! The photos are breathtakingly beautiful.

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marie @ 6:10PM | Mar 6th 2006|

Amazing colors ! I'd almost forgotten how beautiful Hawaii was. Thanks for the pics!!

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NalasMom @ 8:37PM | Mar 6th 2006|

These pictures are incredible!
And while the camera and lens and developing are important...I still feel that the person behind the camera must have that something extra that takes it from "picture taking" (me) to fine art photography (you). Beautiful!

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Barb @ 2:13AM | Mar 7th 2006|

I'll second what NalasMom said... thanks for the info on the camera and processing Ginnie! But you are an artist - and thank you for sharing your gift!

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Ginnie @ 10:27AM | Mar 7th 2006|

I agree that good photography is an art form as well as a craft. There's big a difference between "just taking pictures" and carefully composing photographs. I am much happier with my botanicals than my landscapes. The botanical studies strongly reflect my personal aesthetic, whereas the landscapes are much more impersonal. For me, the landscape photos you see here would fall into the "picture" category, along with my ringside shots of Danes from the National that we've been viewing so recently. I consider my formal portraits of individual Danes, whoever, to be art.

At any rate, digital technology has changed the face of photography as we have previously known it, in some ways to the service of the craft and in other ways to the detriment of the craft. But that's another topic. ;-)

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ElizabethStratton @ 12:25PM | Mar 7th 2006|

Your beautiful tight shots of the flowers are stunning. you are truly a gifted photographer. Can hardly wait to see more of Maui. THanks for sharing.


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Valerie @ 3:55PM | Mar 7th 2006|

The flowers are breathtaking.
I love the first pic, the one that appears to be an Agave, but as I scroll down further I continue to "ooh" and "aah" with each different pic.
The landscape photos are pretty but I'm drawn to the flowers.

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Janet @ 2:47PM | Mar 8th 2006|

I too love the flowers !!!! I have been doing a little re-decorating and have changed prints above my entertainment center with some brown and white tree prints < trees> and 2 color flower prints on one side and I'm thinking about more flowers on the other side.. and after seeing you're prints I' m positive I will put more flowers up only in a grouping of 4 smaller prints.. thanks for the inspiration.. just need to go shop.... and keep waiting for more beautifull pic's from you...

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Chantel O. Johnson @ 8:30PM | Mar 16th 2006|

Just glorious! It truly looks like paradise! The photos are stunning and color and mood captured so pure!

Love to monitor lizard, too....looks like a Komodo dragon. Photographed at a zoo?

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