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Betty @ 9:22AM | Oct 2nd 2006|

Ginnie, I have been coming to your site for the past 3yrs. It is the one thing that makes Mondays worth getting up for. Thank you.

I too am looking forward to the Nationals in 2 weeks. This will be my first in person, but thanks to your site, I feel I have been there before. I do hope I get an opportunity to meet you there. Two of my fur-babies will be participating. CH Lobato\'s Good Fortune (Jade) and CH Lobato\'s It Starts With A Dream (Moses).

Thanks again for your wonderful work and for sharing it with us.

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LYnne @ 10:28AM | Oct 2nd 2006|

loved the photo of Boo-boo. a cat asleep on the desk, a swan on the floor and a Dane not too far away. looks like a piece of heaven to me. and I love the photos of the show Danes. keep up the great work with a wonderful site.

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Bonni Button @ 10:35AM | Oct 2nd 2006|


That was a cute story. Nice studio also!


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Scot Billings @ 10:42AM | Oct 2nd 2006|

Thank you Ginnie,
I like the pet swan but I don't think I will try to make any of the Mute Swans that we have into a pet <G>. Also liked the National shots with some acquaintances in the background. See you, & other friends, in a couple of weeks.

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Vicky Brown @ 10:52AM | Oct 2nd 2006|

I've been looking forward to Monday's with DaDane for 9 years. I loved the way you shared Merlin and Jabber with us, as they were the only Danes I got to 'know' besides my own. Shows are not something I've ever been to, or expect to see, but I love Danes and enjoy anything you share about them. I lost my Sam last month, he was 9 years old. The cats and other dogs still grieve for him.

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Courtney @ 12:34PM | Oct 2nd 2006|

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Ginnie for all you do.... I don't know what I would do without my Monday "fix". If DaDane went away all I would have to look forward to on Monday's is coming to work, and really who wants to come to work after a lovely weekend. Every moment I'm at work I miss my dogs @ home and you help fill that void :o)
I also love seeing the dogs that I hear are winning all over the country. Its nice to put faces to names.
I do have to say that I love the swan stories as well.
Thanks for all you do. There are those of us out hear that appreciate ALL that you do.

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Jennifer @ 1:15PM | Oct 2nd 2006|

Ginnie: I can't believe anyone would be tired of looking at your show pixs. They are beautiful. For those of us who will never make it to Nationals you offer us a glimpse into the show world that we would otherwise never see! I love reading the names also!

Keep up the great work! I've seen places and gotten to know people and animals through your site I would have never know otherwise.

It is the only reason to look forward to work on Mondays to see your site!


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Janet @ 1:36PM | Oct 2nd 2006|

ahhhh another lovely monday am with the dadane of the week !!!!!! you have enriched our lives with so much,, trips around the world,, trips around the neighborhood !! lovely botonical pictures,, human interest and of course our lovely Danes !!!! with a few wild life thrown in for good meaure !!!!
a heartfelt Thank You Ginnie !!!!!!

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Tara @ 1:45PM | Oct 2nd 2006|

I love that your cat did not seem distraught at all to be sharing space with a swan!!

Keep up the wonderful work!

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Zeli @ 2:48PM | Oct 2nd 2006|

Dear Tired,

How can anyone get "tired" of danes -- I don't care if they are show shots, backyard candids or Ginnie's masterpieces.

Shame on you ... didn't your mother ever teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

And Ginnie, keep up the good work! I love the variety. Especially for those of us who do not get to attend many dog shows during the year or the Nationals, this site is our only window into that world.

See you at the Nationals!

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Maureen @ 3:19PM | Oct 2nd 2006|

Ginnie: I love to see all of your photgraphs no matter where or when. You have brought photography to a whole new level. As an artist, I truly appreciate what you have put into all you do. Please know how much you bring to our weeks....I so look forward to seeing your photos and commentary. P. S. I wish I had a trumpeter swan in my tiny studio. Can you send me one?

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marie @ 4:33PM | Oct 2nd 2006|

well, i love all the pictures and dogs show or not. thank you for sharing with us. i just adopted another dane, Kona, she was abused in her first "family" and a truly wonderful dog although shy. Moses at 8 needed a companion. So he now has this lively chick to keep him young. keep up the photos, i love the swan waddling out the door- hilarious! Marie

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Michele @ 10:46PM | Oct 2nd 2006|

Ginnie, I appreciate your 'eye' for pictures and your talent in your artwork. Your dear Boo boo reminds me of a muscovey duck I had. If someone was too slow coming in the kitchen door, he'd follow right in. LOL! And I completely understand the recycled food and water!

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Shana @ 11:38AM | Oct 3rd 2006|

Ginnie, the photos are always fun to look at and you comments are interesting, too. The more photos, the merrier and the show danes are the very best of their kind, so why would anyone get tired of them, unless they have a problem with perfection?

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Mary Lugo @ 12:01PM | Oct 3rd 2006|

Hi Ginnie,

Besides the conformation danes being beautiful, I like seeing the handlers. Having never had a conformation dog, I took a handler's class with Miss Maudie. I was lucky because she already knew what to do and I only had to work on myself... I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the class. The professional handlers and their dogs make it look so easy that it is often taken for granted that these teams are working too. There is a lot of skill on both the dog and human side. Thank you for showing us both. Mary Lugo
PS I won't be attending the Nationals this year so please take lots of pictures!

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Deborah @ 4:31PM | Oct 3rd 2006|

I too love your site - and if you want to show me beautiful show danes every week, I'm happy to look at them. Your site is a treat and one I look forward to every week.

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Amandaq @ 10:13PM | Oct 3rd 2006|

I am sorry that people have brought negativity into such a wonderful website that so many of us enjoy on a regular basis. I love the show pics because it shows a side of danes that a lotof us never get to see. The expressions on their faces is often priceless.

I have to say...the story about Boo-Boo...very funny. I especially like how the cat has also made a home in your studio. Funny how you were the one running the goose out of the office and not the cat!!! :)

Keep up the GREAT are amazing!

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Sus @ 11:40AM | Oct 4th 2006|

Dear Ginnie, Here\'s my thoughts on what your work means to me. I appreciate the time an effort you put into this work. I have often wondered how long it takes, and how you manage it week after week. Even if I have already checked out site for the week, when I am feeling stress and frusterated at work, Da Dane is my stress relief. I look at the pictures, get refocused, and get back to my job. It is my \'pick-me-up\' for the day. You don\'t OWE us anything. It is not your JOB to entertain us. What ever you put up is a Gift of love and should be accepted as such. Being a relatively new Breeder/Owner/Handler, I don\'t just look at the pictures of the Nationals. I study them...who has the best topline, ear set, angulation. How is the winning handler standing? What are they wearing? Can I see what type of bait they are using? Where in the world are they keeping the ever important slobber rag?? Handleing is much more difficult than it looks and as they say \'A picture is worth 1000 words. I know of no other place to see so many pictures from which to learn. Maybe you don\'t need a deadline of Monday morning. (Remember this is NOT a JOB.) Change it when you can. We can keep checking through out the week to see if there is somthing new waiting for us...kind of like waiting for Santa Claus...that may add to the excitment for us take some pressure off you. Whatever you decide, please know your time and talent is appreciated and respected. Thanks for sharing it with me.

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Ingrid Dohler @ 2:23PM | Oct 4th 2006|

Hey, talking about that cat: Ginnie, you turned it into a spoiled brat. Do you have to catch, chase or otherwise dispose of mice yourself, too???

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Ginnie @ 5:28AM | Oct 9th 2006|

Both our cats are deadbeats. There's a cat door in my studio. Bogie and Wheezie often bring home their prey (alive and kicking), drag the poor creature through the cat door, run up the stairs and promptly dump it in the main hall. Usually I can catch the birds and put them back out, but the lizards and mice are more difficult.
Despite their mischief, I do love my cats.

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Bobbie @ 12:44PM | Oct 9th 2006|

I know you can't please everybody, but sometimes you just can't win for trying! I enjoy the Danish "eye candy" AND the educational pieces ...along with the travelogues when Ginnie goes abroad! It's ALL good and I can't imagine why anybody that doesn't enjoy these features just doesn't click on by and leave it to the rest of us: Ginnie's fan club!!!

We love you, Ginnie -for all you've done and continue to do for our beloved breed!

hugs'n'leans from the Virginia contingent! We're looking forward to being taken along for a vicarious trip to the Nationals once again!!!

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