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Angie Day @ 4:49PM | Jan 1st 2007|

Happy New Year, Ginnie!
Thanks for all the wonderful DaDanes this year - keep them coming - we all love and appreciate each and every one of them!

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Scot Billings @ 5:17PM | Jan 1st 2007|

Happy New Year! I agree that that is a wonderful recipe, we will have to see how well we can follow it. I also want to thank you for all the DaDanes & we are all hoping for more. Thank you.

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marie @ 10:40PM | Jan 1st 2007|

Happy New Year Ginnie and all Da Dane readers. Thanks for all the pics of Danes and interesting places you have been this year, Dane stories and everything else you give us each week.
From me and my Danes Moses and Kona we wish all Dane lovers a great year !

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Elizabeth Stratton @ 11:15AM | Jan 2nd 2007|

Helllo Ginnie, I would like to wish you a Wonderful New Year, and to thank you for all those fabulous photographs you bring to us.

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Chantel O. Johnson @ 12:03PM | Jan 2nd 2007|

Great Recipe well worth trying!!

Happy New Year to you & yours!

Looking forward to another wonderful DaDane year! Except this year we'll be viewing your gorgeous art work from Pennsylvania! We are moving to the Lehigh Valley. Lots of Dane folks there!

Tiger wishes you a cheerful 2007.

As ever,
Chantel & The Boys @ LeCheval ~

p.s.....who is the black beauty this week!!?? Pretty shot & backdrop!

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Kathryn @ 7:20PM | Jan 2nd 2007|

What a great recipe! Happy New Years and thanks for sharing all of your great photos.

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Janet @ 12:07PM | Jan 4th 2007|

Happy New Years to all !!!!

Great going to print it out as soon as I get a new printer !!!!!

am looking forward to all the wonderfull danes and trips and whatever suits you're fancy for the week !!!


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Eileen @ 4:26PM | Jan 4th 2007|

Rachel Ray couldn't beat your recipe! Thanks for sharing it and for all the amusement you provide! Wishing you all the best in the new year!

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