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Show Danes from the United States & Canada:

Almostafarm Homepage (harle)
Bayridge Danes (fawn, brindle)
Beau Geste (fawn)
Belle Richards' Page (blue)
Blackwatch Great Danes (fawn, brindle, black)
Blue Moon Danes (blue, black)

Bugs Richards' Page
Celtic Danes (fawn)
Crescent Diamond Danes (harle, mantle, merle)
Dane Affaire (fawn)
Dane Heaven (fawn, brindle)
Danestrous Danes (fawn)
DaRenee Danes
Davishire Danes (harle)
Denali & Evie's Dog Yard (fawn, black)
Diamond Danes (fawn, brindle)
Diamond Danes Epic Victory "Abba" (fawn)
DiamondStar Great Danes (fawn)
Domino Kennels (harle)

My Great Dane has ARTHRITIS.
Does yours?

We tried various brands of "glucosamine with chondriotin" pills on our elderly Great Dane, Merlin, and he didn't get the relief we were looking for – until we switched to a special LIQUID formulation.

I highly recommend a liquid glucosamine with chondroitin formula to anyone whose dog is suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. Liquid formulations offer a much faster and more efficient absorption rate compared to pills.

Merlin, who recently celebrated his 10th birthday, is feeling much better now, and I'm completely sold on the product!
                      — Ginnie Saunders

Click here to learn more

Duanes Danes (black, brindle)
Dun Roman Danes (fawn)
Esquire Great Danes (harle, mantle)

GMJ Harlequin Country (harle, mantle)

G'Dieters Eastern Shore Connection (blue)
Heart of Gold Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
IvyDane Kennels (fawn, brindle)
Jacoby Danes (fawn)
Jeralyn's Danes (brindle)
Jeeves' Page (fawn)
Joe Goyette's Homepage (fawn, brindle)
Jordane Great Danes (fawn)
Karador's Classic Design "Archer" (black)
The Kellogg's Home Page (fawn, black)
Lagarada's Feldmarschall Rommel (Dohler) (fawn)
Lagarada's Gold N Tiara "Tia" (fawn)
Laura Munro's Dane Affaire (fawn)
Louise's Dane Page (harle)
Lucy's Web Page (brindle)
LuvMydane3 (fawn)
Merlin (Ch. Brana's Blue Stardust) (blue)
Oxfords Great Dane Kennel (fawn, black)
Paco's New Puppy (blue)
Pask Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Perkadane Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Raincross Great Danes
Ramac Great Danes (black)

Rancho de Suenos (fawn)
Remo Great Danes (black)
Rocwind's Starship Voyager 'Kes' (fawn)

Samson (Icon's I'm a Girl watcher) (fawn)

Sea Great Danes (harle, black)
Shady Creek Great Danes (fawn)
Spotwerks Harlequin Great Danes (harle)
Star Gate Great Danes (fawn)
Stefanelli Danes (fawn, brindle)
Sunnyside Farm (fawn, brindle)
Sunrise Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Terragold Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Trinity Great Danes (fawn)
Tyson and Tundra (fawn)
Vardew Great Danes (fawn)
Von Shrado Great Danes (fawn)
Von Steltz Great Danes (blue)
Voyager Kennels' Kes (fawn)
Voyager Kennel's Tia (fawn)
Waccabuc Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
WillowDanes (harle)
Witzn Harlequin Great Danes (harle)

Foreign Danes, Show and Pet:

Apollo's Web Site (black) (South Africa)
Armando's Top Guy 'Doggipoika Topi' (fawn)
Aura & Benito (blue, harle) (Finland)
Brigitte Thilemann's Grand Danois (harle, black)
Chalernon Athos (fawn) (Finland)
Cleo & Co. (brindle)
Danes & Tales (fawn, blue)
Deflin's Great Dane Page (blue)
DeJong's Danes (brindle, blue)
Die Dogge Taylor (Germany)
The Dogz of Jakobssons (brindle, fawn)
Elevage de Bausenque (fawn, brindle)
Elettra's Home Page (black)
Flair's Web site (mantle)
Fiona's Web Site (fawn) (Germany)
Frau Sholtz's Doggen (fawn)
Giant Dane's Apollon "Api" (fawn) (Finland)
Good Work's Vivian Leigh (black)
Goofy and Barbie (black)
Grand Danois (harle, black)
Great Dane Australia! (all colors)
Great Dane (blue, black)
(in French)
Great Dane Page (black, harle)
Great Danes in France (site is a little confusing)
(in French)
Great Kara (black) (Netherlands)
Duitse Dog/Great Dane (blue)
Fagero vom Frechebacker (black) (Germany)
Harahurst Great Danes
Hemmo's Web Site (fawn)
Heros' Web Site (mantle)
iz Zlatoustiya (fawn, brindle) (Russia)

Jasper's Home Page (fawn) (Australia)
Jefe Indio de Garaba (brindle)
Jimmy Dane's Doghouse (fawn)
(fawn) (New Zealand)
Kara's Pages (black)
Kennel Grandison's (blue, black, harle)
Kennel Great Stardust (fawn) (Norway)
Monica's GD Sider (black) (Norway)
MYSAK en Grand Danois (blue)
(Sweden, in Swedish)
Nero's Home Page (fawn)
New Aussie Great Dane Home Page (harle, boston)
Nisse (harle)
(Sweden, in Swedish)
Obi-Wan Kenobi's page (blue)
Old Bluz (harle, black)
Pedro (black)
Pluto & Nicko (blue, fawn)
Roma and Astur (blue)
Sherrif's Page (black)
vom Simberg (blue, fawn, brindle) (Germany)

Sophia's Page (harle)
(Portugal, in Portugese)
Tom's Home Page (black)
Tyra's Page (black)
Villi's Home Page (fawn)
Winnie's Home Page (fawn) (Sweden)
Wynkarn Great Danes (fawn)
(South Africa)
WYSIWYG Luke Skywalker v Longo (blue) (Finland)

If you would like to submit a web site to the Great Dane Links Directory, please send the site's URL (web address) along with a brief description to Great Dane Links.

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