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Questions & Answers

Q. Why the name, 'Wayne's World 2000'?

A. That's what happens when a great idea collides head on with a 'naming committee.'

Q. Is this reunion strictly for Browncroft and East High people?

A. Absolutely not. We're also inviting hundreds of folks from other area neighborhoods and schools (including Bishop Kearney, Brighton, Harley/Allendale/Columbia, Mercy, McQuaid, Monroe, Penfield, and lots of others).

Q. What's covered by $50/person registration fee?

A. The fee covers Saturday's food, live entertainment, beer, and soft drinks. A cash bar also will be available. Surplus funds (if any) will be donated to The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and The Rob Brown Memorial Fund.

Q. How is registration being handled?

A. Return your check and registration form and your name goes on the "paid" list at the check-in area (where you'll receive a special nametag that gets you admission, food, and drink.). You will not receive tickets or confirmation in advance.

Q. Can I pay at the door?

A. No. You must register in advance. Keep in mind that capacity is limited and registrations are being taken on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

Q. Can I bring my spouse/significant other?

A. Yes. Registration is $50 for each person attending.

Q. Are kids invited, too?

A. Saturday's main event is intended for adults; kids' activities are not planned. However, kids are welcome at the "Day-After Picnic" at Ellison Park on Sunday, May 23. Remember, for this second-day this event, it's "bring your own" everything.

Q. What if I have a scheduling conflict with the main event on May 22?

A. Hopefully, you'll still be able to attend some portion of the WW2K Reunion on Saturday, May 22, which is an afternoon/evening affair. In addition, we've planned other activities for the weekend, including an informal "Wintonaire/Winfield" gathering on Friday night (5/21) and a picnic at Ellison Park (5/23).

Q. I've already sent in my registration and money. How can I confirm my registration?

A. Just send an e-mail to (Jim_Flynn@prodigy.com). He'll confirm that you're on the "paid" list.

Q. Can I add someone to the invitation list?

A. Sure. If there's someone we've forgotten, just send the person's full name and address to wrtv@aol.com or phone one of the people on the organizing committee.

Q. Is East High's EHS Class of '69 30th Reunion part of Wayne's World?

A. You bet!. The '69 reunion will be held the same day, at the same location. And your $50/person registration covers Wayne's World and special Class of '69 program.

Q. How should I dress?

A. Slowly and casually, for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Q. What if it rains?

A. Rain or shine, Wayne's World 2000 goes on! (We'll have tents and pavilions ... just in case.)

Q. Where can I stay if I'm an out-of-towner?

A. If you're not bunking with friends or family, make local hotel/motel reservations right away. (See the Hotel List.)

Q. Is anything happening on the Friday night preceding Wayne's world 2000?

A. Rumor has it that Younger's (formerly The Wintonaire) will be Ground Zero on Wayne's World Eve.

Q. What about the Day-After Picnic at Ellison Park?

A. It's strictly BYOBBYOB (Bring Your Own Barbecue & Bring Your Own Beverages). We'll provide the grills, charcoal, condiments, and paper plates.

Q. When will the food be served?

A. Saturday's buffet-style meal will be served from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. We'll have snacks on hand in the evening.

Q. What if I'm a vegetarian?

A. You still can come as this is an equal-opportunity party. Vegetarians will have every opportunity to forage for roots, bark, and berries while the rest of us pound down the hots and burgers. (Kidding aside, vegetarian fare is included in the buffet.)

Q. Are there alternatives to bringing/cooking my own food for the Day-After Picnic?

A. Absolutely. For a great subs, sandwiches, and all the fixings, we recommend Bernunzio's Deli (248-0310), located at 745 Penfield Road near the Ellison Park. Be advised that the Bernunzio's is open only from 9 am to 3 pm on Sundays. For fastest service, please phone in orders in advance.

May 22, 1999
Wayne's World 2000 ~ PO Box 10825 ~ Rochester, NY 14610-0825