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I wouldn't miss Wayne's World for all the herbal tea on Park Ave!!!!

Here's my check/money order for $_____ to cover _____ reservations.


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Please mail your check/money order (payable to Wayne's World 2000) along with this completed form to:

            Wayne's World 2000
            P.O. Box 10825
            Rochester, NY 14610-0825

By submitting this form, I give organizers of Wayne's World 2000 permission to publish photos taken of me/us at the event in a "virtual photo album" to be posted on the official Web site (www.ginnie.com/waynesworld2000/). I understand that these images will be available to me and others for viewing and downloading. Proceeds from this event (if any) will benefit local charitable causes.

May 22, 1999
Wayne's World 2000 ~ PO Box 10825 ~ Rochester, NY 14610-0825