"Hot Dogs"

The southwest is in the grips of an terrible summer heat wave. No state has been harder hit than Texas, where the daily high has exceeded 100 degrees for over two weeks.

Needless-to-say, there are a lot of hot dogs in Texas right now. We caught up with two of them and asked what they do to keep cool.

"Well, it ain't that big a problem," yawned Zack, "Me and Loki here, we're pretty laid back boys. Sometimes we grab us a couple of Kitty Cones. But they're not so easy to come by lately, so instead, we just snag a coupla towels from the hamper and head down to the sandbox. We dig out a nice spot in the shade, drop our towels, and we settle in for the day. We got no complaints."

"Not a one," added Loki, "Life is always good in Texas."

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