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These DaDane portraits are listed in reverse chronological order

This Week's DaDane
Wanshi Botanical Garden, Xiamen, China - Part 2

Last Week's DaDane
Wanshi Botanical Garden, Xiamen, China - Part 1

March 2010
More from Jerusalem
Dead Sea, Israel, Part 1
Jerusalem and Beyond

February 2010
Magilla Gorilla
Views of Munich
Shanghai Spaniel

January 2010
Quake, at Rest
Bavarian Bachelorette Party
M&M Harley D's Havina Big Tyme

September – December 2009
Merry Christmas!
Views of Barcelona
Visiting Barcelona's Aquarium
Nice, France
Tallinn, Estonia
Anna, in Finland

July & August 2009
"Venice" in Marburg
Finland and Beyond
Back Online; Swiss Alps
A View from the Rinerhorn

June 2009
Visiting Zurich
A Great Dane in Zurich
Moving Along
Filter Fun
Our Resident Hedgehog

April & May 2009
Hello from Germany
Space Mountain Bacterium, Anyone?

March 2009
Back from Shanghai
Third Week in Shanghai
Another Week in Shanghai
Good Morning from Shanghai
Enzo & Ellie

January 2009
Cardinal Series
A New Presidency
Farewell to Boo-Boo

December 2008
Their First Christmas
Stepping Out

October & November 2008
New Work
La Boqueria
Halloween, Barcelona Style
Visions & Dreams

September 2008
Venice Montage
New Work

August 2008
A Visit to Celle
August in Berlin
To Berlin, and Back

July 2008
Children of Hahvaykah

June 2008
Charming Charm
Harle Kitsch-ens, revisited
Living in Germany
On the Road Again

May 2008
Granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis
In Memoriam
Pimobendan for DCM

April 2008
New DCM Support Group
Venice in April

March 2008
Best of Breed, Dogs, Candids
Best of Breed, Dogs, Group 6
Best of Breed, Dogs, Group 5
Miss Charlotte, Alive & Well

February 2008
Windy Hill's The Archangel
Tiger Does Hollywood
"Tiger" Johnson
Best of Breed, Dogs, Group 4

January 2008
Best of Breed, Dogs, Group 3
Best of Breed, Dogs, Group 2
Best of Breed, Dogs, Group 1
A New Year Begins
Happy New Year

December 2007
Merry Christmas!
Predator Update
Coyote Carnage

November 2007
Award Winning DaDane
Regular Classes, Part 4
Regular Classes, Part 3
Regular Classes, Part 2

October 2007
Regular Classes, Part 1
Top 20
Best in Futurity
Best in Show!
Colras Full Attention Req’d v. CJ

September 2007
"High Four" Installed at Cleveland Park
CH Harley D Coral's Calypso

August 2007
Mystery Mantle
CH Longo's Starr Studded V Miller
CH Tally Ho Wolke Northern Dancer
Diamond Danes Tall Dark Handsome

July 2007
CH Sandale's Positively Priceless
Venice, Italy
On the Road Again

June 2007
Process of Elimination
Touring Prague, Part 2
Touring Prague, Part 1

May 2007
Vienna: The Spanish Riding School
Gone to Prague
The Mad Hatters
Brookgreen Gardens, Part 4

April 2007
Brookgreen Gardens, Part 3
Brookgreen Gardens, Part 2
Brookgreen Gardens, Part 1
Hemangiosarcoma - Conclusion
Hemangiosarcoma - Grendel, Part 2

March 2007
Hemangiosarcoma - Grendel
Hemangiosarcoma - Circe
China Moon

February 2007
Farewell to Grendel
Head Study
Farewell to Elmer

January 2007
Top 20, Part 4
Top 20, Part 3
Top 20, Part 2
Italy, Part 3
Happy New Year

December 2006
Merry Christmas!
Italy, Part 2

November 2006
Italy, Part 2
Happy Thanksgiving
2006 Top Twenty Invitational
Louise Peterson and National Photos

October 2006
2006 GDCA National
Eureka, We're in Topeka!
Best of Breed, Part 4
Best of Breed, Part 3

September 2006
Best of Breed, Part 2
Best of Breed, Part 1
Great Dane Haiku, II
Great Dane Haiku

August 2006
One Door Closes, Another Opens
The Ava Invasion
Ace of Hearts
Just Whisper

July 2006
Gator Bait?
Looking Back
Conformation Judging, Part 6
Conformation Judging, Part 5
Fourth of July

June 2006
Farewell to Fanny
"Great Dane Room" Gathering
Conformation Judging, Part 4
Conformation Judging, Part 3

May 2006
"Hell on Wheels"
Conformation Judging, Part 2
Conformation Judging, Part 1

April 2006
Enough, Already!
A Most Excellent Adventure
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

March 2006
Unforgettable Moments
Everyone Loves a Parade
Hawaiian Botanicals
Maui Discovered

February 2006
Gone to Maui
Futurity, Part 6
Futurity, Part 5
Futurity, Part 4

January 2006
Newton and Merlen
Futurity, Part 3
Futurity, Part 2
Futurity, Part 1
Happy New Year

December 2005

Obedience, Rally and Agility
Agility, Part 2

November 2005
Agility, Part 1
Best of Winners
Top Twenty, Part 3
Top Twenty, Part 2

October 2005
Top Twenty, Part 1
Photos from the 2005 National
At the 2005 GDCA National
Penelope's Portrait
2005 GDCA National Specialty

September 2005
Hurricane Dane
Rokadanes Vanessa
Hurricane Relief for Displaced Pets
Dog Days

August 2005
Market Day in Aix
Head Study
Sam's Journey, Part 3

July 2005
Sam's Journey, Part 2
Sam's Journey, Part 1
Hector, A Follow-up
Hector, Revisited

June 2005
Dazed by the Daylilies
Home from Paris
More from Paris
Greetings from Paris

May 2005
The Zebra Dane

April 2005
Laurs Lady Grace
Remember Murphy?
Exotic Beast, India
Homeward Bound

March 2005
More from India

Greetings from India
India, here we come!

February 2005
CH VZTop’s Ivey of Seventh Heaven
Greenville Dog Show
Meet Big Red
Coral Loves Barclay

January 2005
Of Mice and Men
Thank you!
Dead Dogs Don't Cry
Important News
Christmas Ice Storm

December 2004
Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday, Merlin
Farewell to Sunny and Deke

November 2004
Danes versus Cows
Home Alone
BISS CH Wiedanes A Gala at Owlwatch
VZTop Amber N Onyx
Don Pepe Segundo

October 2004
2004 GDCA National Specialty
The Apollo of Dogs

September 2004
We're Home!

August 2004
Vietnam 3
Vietnam 2
Vietnam 1

July 2004
Hong Kong

June 2004
American Bald Eagle
Semester At Sea
Important Notice
Gone, But Not Forgotten

May 2004
It's Snack Time
I'm One Month Old!

Got Milk?
Pugnacious Puppies

April 2004
Feldmarschall Rommel
Bob Dylan, DaBlues & Toad Night
Sketch of Thor

March 2004
Luna's New Life
And Who Are You?
Jumping Diva
Strange ApPEARances

February 2004
Uncle Bart
The First NOEL
Carolina Ice Storm, 2
Carolina Ice Storm, 1

January 2004
Jackie and Luna
Daneridge's Penelope Steele
Sheva, an Obedience Dane
Shall We Dance?

December 2003
Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas!
Their Very First Christmas
Study in Black and White
Gorgeous George, an Atypical AD Dane

November 2003
Addison's Disease in Danes
Canine Addison's Disease
White Puppy

October 2003
2003 GDCA National
Digital Montage
Two for One
Portrait in Black

September 2003
Bella and the Bug
High Four
Tess, Revisited
Labor Day Dane

August 2003
Portrait of Tess
Farewell to Maggie

July 2003
Houston Slide Show
Holding Down the Fort
Peyton's Place

June 2003
Fear Factor
Bad Nelson!
Bloat: Overcoming the Odds
What is GDV?

May 2003
Gambler's Journey
Gaysie Mae
Puppy Study

April 2003
I See Spots!
Bunny Ears
Bufo occiput
Toad Night

March 2003
Bufo terrestris
Cygnus dadaneias
Merlin, My Protector
Portrait of Deity
Da Llama

February 2003
Portrait of Krueger
Ingrid's Birthday
Portrait of Electra
Caesar Revisited
Space Shuttle Columbia

January 2003
High Four!
Old Friends
Puppy Pics!
Farewell to Hamlet
Happy New Year!

December 2002
Merry Christmas
Not all Grinches are Green
The 2002 Eu-DDC Champion
Euro Dane, Euro Dog, Part 2

November 2002
The Cheetah Dane

October 2002
We're Back!
Candid Camera
It's Show Time!

September 2002
Calling All Angels
Weezie's Walkies

Wide-Eyed Innocence
September 11, 2002
Ophie's Field of Dreams

August 2002
Double Trouble
Rogue's Gallery
Bring in the Clowns

July 2002
Farewell to Doogan
Couch Potatoes
DCM is Not a 4-Letter Word
DCM in the Great Dane
Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams

June 2002
Gone in a Phlash
Play Ball
Farmer Dane

Lost in Space

May 2002
Memorial Day, 2002
In Dog We Trust
Ch. Rokadanes Quincy
Tongue Twister

April 2002
Teacup Dane
Triple Portrait of Dusty
What our Dogs use for Money
Black Velvet
Operation Hoover

March 2002
Brindle "Stripe" Tease
The Gardener's Handy Helper Tool
Onyx Brindle

February 2002
What's in a Name?
Blue Eyes, Stormy Skies
Blue Eyes, Blue Skies
Jabber's Health Problems

January 2002
He's Running Free
Westminster, here we come!!
Year in Review

December 2001
The Real Rudolph
Oh, Christmas Tree!
Patriotic Postage Stamps
Striking a Pose

November 2001
Click on Rudolph's Nose!
Profile of a Brindle
Veteran's Day Dane
Always Waiting, Always Watching

October 2001
Lady Liberty
The Party's Over!
2001 GDCA National
Standing Proud
It's Showtime!

September 2001
September 11, 2001
Unexpected Side Effect
Farewell to Summer

August 2001
Meet Dik, from Slovenia
Gorgeous George
Fish Story
Happy News!

July 2001
He Dodged Another Bullet
He's Hanging in There!
In Memory of Denali
How Now, Harle Cow?
Independence Day Danes

June 2001
Titan found his home...
Stranger in a Strange Land
Jabber's New Boots
Farewell, DaHumph

May 2001
The Gardener's Handy Helper Tool
May Flowers
Mr. Big Is Back!

April 2001
Home Sweet Home
Jabber Is Home
Easter Dane
Canine Tax Form
Unwanted Guests

March 2001
Another Pretty Face
Three Surgeries in Two Weeks
Unexpected Complications
Home Alone

February 2001
My Gentle Mantle
Triple Treasure, Double Portrait
The Lost Valentine
New Year Resolutions for Dane Owners

January 2001
Unjustly Accused!
Pajama Party
Farewell, Sweet Petunia...
New Year Resolutions

December 2000
Merry Christmas!
Their Very First Christmas
Not all Grinches are Green
What a Guy!
Click on Rudolph's Nose

November 2000
Thanksgiving Turkeys

October 2000
It's HOWL-oween!
Best In Futurity
What a Yawn
It's Showtime!

September 2000
Lean On Me
Going for the Gold
It's all relative...
Labor Day Dane

August 2000
I'm so Blue, Waiting for You
Devil Dog
Take Me Home
Gefleckte Doggen

July 2000
Endangered Species?
Voted Out!!!
Big Bully Swan
Kaleidoscope Dane
Happy Fourth!

June 2000
Sleep Show
A "Jowly" Pair
Pleased to meet you...
Treasure Hunt

May 2000
Eine Blaue Deutsche Dogge
Strangers in the Night
Frog Nose
The Patriot

April 2000
Funny Bunny
Arizona Desert Dogs
Where's the beef?!
Spring has arrived!

March 2000
Double Portrait of Gambler
Elmer's Story
The 1040-DOG Tax Return
The Nose Knows

February 2000
The March of Time
Presidents' Day
The Stowaway
It's a long story

January 2000
Eeenie, meeenie...
A Natural Beauty
A Fawnequin named Jake

– 1999 –
Model of Nobility
The Real Rudolph
Visiting Santa
A Boston by any other name...
Double Portrait of Rosa
Thanksgiving Turkeys
Almost a Pupsickle
Sleep without Dreams
Brindle Portrait
Happy Halloween
It's Showtime!
Teacup Dane
In Memorium
Creation Story
DaDane T-shirts
Crop Failures
Sunset Colony
We're not in Kansas
Apollo 11
Camera Shy
Kaleidoscope Hound
Where's Leon?
The Last Straw
DaneFest '99
Leon's Story, Part 3
Leon's Story, Part 2
Leon Redbone
In Memorium
Guardane Angel
Dangerous Weather
The Easter Dane
The Magical Merle
Iditarod / Idanerod
The Birth of Venus
1040-DOG Tax Return
Pyramid Scheme
President's Day
Kissin' Cousins
Brindles Are Beautiful
The Gentle Giant
Snow Baby

– 1998
Merry Christmas!
Happy HoliDanes
Oh! Christmas Tree!
Click on Rudolph's Nose
Thanksgiving Study
Beauty & The Beast
Birdhouse Buddy
Trick or Treat
Snacking on No-No's
The Winners
The BIG Show, 1998!
1998 GDCA National
Double Take
Labor Day Dane
Hurricane Warning
Couch Potatoes
Quotable Quips
Checklist Update
Natural Choice
Zoot Suit
Hot Dogs
Harle Kitsch-ens
Unexpected Side Effect
Tick Fever
Merlin's Summer Vacation
Love Sick
Frog Face
Pachyderm Puppy
Fish Story
Rabid Raccoon?
Mother's Day
Easter Bunny
Spring Cleaning
Big Night Out
Monkeying Around
El Niño
Vada's Valhalla
Presidents Day
The Squirrel
Mrs. Willy
Willy's Woes
Gulliver's Travels
Rise & Shine

– 1997
Fresh New Year
New Year's Eve
The Real Rudolph
Visiting Santa
Family Traditions
Checklist Update
Fluffy's Feast
Snow Storm
Bedtime Story
Wreaking Havoc
It's HOWL-oween!
We're Home
It's Show Time!
What is it?
Great Dane Stamp
The Baron
Killer Kittens
Chasing Chompers
Announcing DogWare!
Bear? What Bear?
Checklist Update
Martian Water Story
Kitty Cones II
Oh, DaEar!
Happy Fourth!
Dog Walk
Farmer Dane
Squirrel Stew
Great Pets
Cat Dreams
May Flowers
DaDane Postcards
Birthday Party
Frog Fixation
The Boston Monument
The Dane-Bopp Comet
The Easter Dane
Dog versus Man: Act II
Wendy's Birthday
The Cloning Controversy
Next Stop: Brisbane
Dog versus Man
American Tourists
Farewell to Stroppy
Stroppy the Roo
One Kangaroo Came Back
Back from Oz

– 1996
Gone to Oz
DaDane's Eye View: Thanksgiving
The Divine Dane
Dane Portrait with Person
Puppy Food
Ophie's Field of Dreams
Kitty Cones
Surprise Visit
Hurridane Party
A Sad Farewell to Summer
Great Danimals: Antilocarpa emillinskis
On The Road Again
Queensland: Kingham Family Portrait
Still Looking for Queensland
Canine Olympic Events: Hurdles and Boinging
Apollo 11: The Real Story
Looking for Queensland
Sunnyside's Scrambled Eggs
Fourth of July Picnic

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