"Hurricane Warning"

With the 1998 hurricane season now underway, The National Hurricane Center has issued the following advisory to Great Dane Owners:
"Great Danes are notorious party animals, and well-known for their poor judgement. As such, hurricanes present a serious seasonal threat to the breed.

Hurricanes and Great Danes often lead to Hurridane Parties. These parties put the dogs at terrible risk. Each year innocent lives are lost because "Scooby" and his friends decided it would be great fun to go to the beach and ride out the storm.

This is a stern warning: If you are in the path of a hurricane, evacuate the area with your dog. Move to a safe location. If for some reason you are unable to relocate, keep "Scooby" inside the house. Ignore his whining. Do not allow him to visit his friends. Hide the car keys. Lock him in his bedroom. Do not allow your Great Dane to attend Hurridane Parties. Do whatever is necessary to keep your dog safe and out of harm's way.

Teach your Dane to 'Just Say No' to Hurridane Parties!"

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