"The BIG Show, 1998!"

All around the country, Great Danes are thinking about the annual GDCA National Show which is being held this week in Ft. Worth. The GDCA National is the "Westminster" of Danedom, and many Great Danes (as well as their owners) will be miserable for the next seven days because they are unable to travel to Texas to participate in the festivities. This is a BIG show, for BIG dogs, in a BIG state. Unfortunately the BIG networks do not have the good sense to televise this BIG event.

Fortunately, the internet is coming to the rescue. Scot Billings of Rockadane Kennel will be posting daily photos of the activities. You can also visit the Great Dane Club of America for full details. And if you are anywhere near Ft. Worth, you don't want to miss -- dare I say it? -- the BIG show. Everyone is welcome, and you'll have the opportunity to see for yourself North America's top Great Danes competing in various events all week long. Last year's National featured over 300 Great Danes. That's approximately 45,000 pounds of Great Danes, all strutting their stuff. Wow!

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