"Snacking on No-No's"

Last week there was a particularly animated discussion on the Great Dane Mail List. The title of the opening thread was "Snacking on No-No's." The discussion was later expanded to include "Amazing Inedibles," "Beheading Barbie," "Sock Swallowing," and finally "Guess what came out of my Dane's rear end."

I guess I've led a sheltered life. We've owned three Great Danes and they've never eaten anything inappropriate. (They've destroyed numerous remote control devices, but that's the extent of their mischief.) Imagine my surprise when I read that many Danes have an uncanny ability to steal and eat things without leaving a trace.

This Week's Prize Quote
My favorite post of the week came from Ray, who offered this amazing story to the GDML:

"My mother only had one of her Danes returned to her from someone who had adopted him. He was 9 months old. His owners returned from work one day to discover their 8-foot-long couch totally gone, without any sign that it had ever been there. The police could find no evidence of a break-in. The following weekend, the husband was in the basement getting their furnace ready for the winter (this was in Cleveland) and he discovered a "nest" that the dog had built out of the entire couch (batting, fabric, metal zippers from the former cushions, foam, and wood frame). The dog had done such a thorough job that there was not a shred of proof that the dog had destroyed the couch until they found his nest. Needless to say, my mother never left that dog alone in a room with any furniture!!!"

That story reminded me of another bizarre story that hit the GDML back in September of 1997. It was contributed by a gal named Beth:

"I worked at an emergency animal clinic at one point in my career and to this day, the oddest thing I saw was a 6-month-old Dane puppy that came in for exploratory surgery because he had a problem and nothing showed up on x-rays. The owners couldn't think of anything this pup could have gotten into since they made a point to thoroughly "pup proof" the house before they acquired him. That surgery produced 2 pair of x-large men's boxers and one very risque bra!!! I probably shouldn't have, but I washed the undergarments and gave them back to the owners. I didn't think they would have believed me otherwise!!"

Now You See It, Now You Don't
Great Danes apparently enjoy eating a variety of household items. Individual list members reported that their Danes have ingested the following:

$40 in cash, 25 pairs of panties in 10 months, an entire baseball mitt, a king size pillow case, a dryer sheet, and an entire surgical glove "which passed through his system completely intact and remarkably clean, without so much as a bite mark in it."

Not only that, but numerous people on the list complained that their oversize pets have swallowed Barbie Doll heads, tennis balls, bars of bath soap, wash cloths, crayons, and dirty socks. Others reported that their Danes routinely chew on rocks, couches and chairs, blankets and rugs, shoes, cameras, rolls of toilet paper, and hairbrushes.

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