halloween picture

"Trick or Treat"

Honey and Titus are nervous. Last week they overheard their humans whispering about dressing them up and taking them out for Halloween. Oh no! That means costumes. Honey and Titus don't like to wear costumes. No siree.

Last year Titus went to a Halloween party and he saw some disturbing sights. He told Honey about it:

"You wouldn't believe it, Honey. There was a fawn dressed like a reindeer. The poor thing's nose was painted red and he had to carry around a rack of fake antlers. Everyone thought he was hangin' his head because the antlers were heavy. Nope. It was shame. He was so ashamed.

"Even worse, there was a poor harlequin disguised as a cow, with a noisy bell around her neck and an inflated rubber glove dangling between her legs. Geesh! It hurts to think about. Anyway, if you ask me, all harlequins should be dressed as clowns, ya know?

"Then there was my friend Hamlet. He's a gentle black dane. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Poor Hamlet was dressed to look like Dracula. Talk about bad type casting -- he kept tripping on his cape and whining for a cookie.

"And there was another brindle there, never caught his name, dressed like a tiger. Strutted around like he owned the place. Maybe I can be a tiger this year. Yeah, I could live with that. Or a bear! I'd make a great bear. But what about you? I got it. You can go as Bambi."

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