"The Easter Dane"

There has been an exciting breakthrough in genetic engineering. Scientists have developed the very first Easter Dane!

Though it is much larger than your average bunny, the Easter Dane retains several rabbit-like characeristics. He loves to hop, just like a rabbit (note: this is not good in homes with low ceilings) and he loves carrots. In fact, the Easter Dane eats an average of 20 pounds of carrots a day. Naturally, eating so many carrots on a daily basis creates a potential problem for people with small backyards. Not to worry... the Easter Dane poops dry pellets just like a rabbit. The pellets can be composted.

The buzz in the scientific community is that the "Y2K Easter Dane" will be available by the end of the year, but only in limited numbers to qualified owners. The purchase price for one of these genetic marvels is expected to exceed $10,000.

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