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Ever wonder why God invented Great Danes? For a lot of reasons:
  • He thought people were spending too much time sitting on the couch
  • The veterinarians lobbied Him for more income
  • Because BIG really is beautiful
  • So no one has to sleep alone if they don't want to
  • To give us an excuse for having a messy house
  • To discourage relatives from dropping in unexpectedly
  • So we can walk our dog comfortably -- holding his collar
  • Because the best gifts don't ALWAYS come in small packages
  • Your neighbors need something to gossip about
  • God has a cleaning supply business on the side
  • To give the postman something to mutter about besides the weather
And finally, the #1 reason why God created Great Danes:
  • After creating Adam and Eve, He stepped back, scratched his head, and said "I can do better than that."

Okay, help me out here, folks. I am compiling a list for this Web site called "Why God Invented Great Danes." It will be similar to the Dane Owner's Checklist. The best I've come up with (so far) is what you just read. I am sure there are lots of good ideas out there. I've learned from experience just how creative the DaDane of DaWeek audience can be! Now's the time to put on your thinking caps. If you'd have something you'd like to contribute to my new list, please email me at Thanks!
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