DaDane of DaWeek

"Happy Halloween!"

Though he's only four months old, this Great Dane puppy knows a lot about Halloween.

"After hearing the big dogs whispering about Halloween at the National Specialty last week, I decided to do some research," he told me. "Did you know that Halloween originated in Celtic Ireland? That's right. And Halloween was imported to the United States in the mid-1800's by Irish immigrants. (Along with Irish Setters.) And the Irish used hollowed-out turnips as their jack-o-lanterns. Can you imgaine that?! Once they got to America they switched to pumpkins, though. That's because pumpkins are bigger, more plentiful, and the pumpkin meat can be turned into pies. I've never eaten a pumpkin pie, but I hear they're good.

"I thought about dressing up for Halloween," he continued, "but I decided I don't really need a costume this year. No props. You see, I haven't grown into my ears yet, so I'm going as a Rabbit. I can get away with it because I am still little. But my ears are big. And when I go trick-or-treating, I 'm bringing along a giant goodie bag. I'll say 'Lick or Treat!!!' as soon as they open the door.

"Oooo-weeee, I'm just so excited about Halloween. Isn't it great to be alive?!"

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