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Double Portrait of Rosa

Rosa, seen here as a youngster, was born in Argentina. Her call name is "Almosta Country Del Pur Sang" and she answers to Rosa. Two weeks ago you met Rosa's son, Archie.

Rosa comes from American lines, but she was born in Argentina. She emigrated to the United States as a puppy, accompanied by her harlequin brother, Big Al. Her siblings remained in Argentina where they are part of a breeding program.

Rosa belongs to Tim and Pam Sain of Almostafarm. Pam had this to say about Rosa's arrival in the United States:

"Due to the language problems, we did not know exactly when Rosa was scheduled to be shipped from Argentina. Well, the phone rang one morning and we learned she was already in a plane on her way to Miami and naturally we were expected to meet the plane. Since we live in Georgia, there was no time to lose!

Tim had left for work that morning in what we called the "deer mobile." The deer mobile was his grandmother's 1978 Nova 4-door, which Tim liked to drive to the office due to its great gas mileage. It had only 37,000 miles on it, but it wasn't without a few battle scars. Granny had run straight into her mail box (before we made her stop driving) and Tim had a rather ugly encounter with a deer on his way home one night. Needless-to-say, the deer mobile had seen better days.

When we got the call about Rosa, we knew Tim had to leave for Miami immediately. I begged him to use our van, but NOOOOOO he said he had to leave right then. There was no time to swap cars. I worried myself sick about him driving all the way to Miami in that rattletrap. The only reassurance I had was in knowing he wouldn't be carjacked.

To make a long story short, Tim met the plane in time and the puppies were fine. He loaded them up and headed straight home. I wish you could have seen them when he pulled into the driveway. Tim had the two dog crates tied into the open trunk of the deer mobile, but Rosa and Big Al weren't in them -- they were standing up in the back seat watching the world go by. It's a picture I will never think of without laughing.

Rosa is sweet and loving and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. I've taken her to agility a few times, and I will probably do so again, as soon as she is a mother one more time. She's a real treasure -- a true Argentine Rose!"

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