"Surprise Visit"

The last time we saw DaHumph, he was saying goodbye to some new pals. He was on his way to meet other Queensland great danes from the Great Dane Mail List. FiFi LaVamp had loaned him her vintage sportscar. As you might guess, DaHumph wrecked it three hours into his roadtrip. (He still blames it on that nasty kangaroo.)

Undeterred in his quest to find Michelle Hickey and her gang of nine danes, DaHumph decided to hitchhike. He was picked up by a beautiful American, whom he managed to woo-woo into taking him directly to the Hickey homestead. When he was spotted coming up the road in the flashy American sportscar with a beautiful woman at his side, most of the great danes fled. Only two remained... Pickles and FJ. As the car approached, Pickles swooned and was carried away, leaving only FJ to welcome DaHumph.

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