"DaDane's Eye View: Thanksgiving"

In a recent study, American Great Danes were asked to give their opinion of the Thanksgiving Holiday. 65% said they were "for" Thanksgiving, 30% reported an unfavorable view, and 5% held no opinion. Follow-up interviews with these dogs led researchers to some conclusions:

      A majority of the Great Danes who like Thanksgiving are those who are seated at the dinner table to share in the meal. Some danes from the pro-Thanksgiving group have learned to sneak food from the table. They report that this is easiest to do when a table is heavy with food and the humans are distracted.

      Those great danes who don't like Thanksgiving are owned by people who keep them away from the food. They report that they *know* the food is there, but access is denied. Thanksgiving is particularly stressful for this group.

      The third group, which reported no opinion, proved to be comprised of those danes who have never seen a Thanksgiving meal. They fell into what the scientists termed the "deprived category."

On November 28th, 1996, the investigators are taking a select group of 200 Great Danes to the White House. There they will enjoy a formal "sit down" Thanksgiving dinner with the President and Mrs. Clinton. Reporters will be on hand to record the event.

Angie, who is NOT a deprived dane, is shown here with her two alteregos.
Her owner, Tami Jorajuria, assures us that Angie will be getting her share of the food.

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