"Gone to Oz!"

Well, folks, I am flying to Australia tomorrow. That's right. You remember Australia. That's where we last saw DaHumph. He was visiting Michelle Hickey's Gang of Nine (great danes) and he hasn't been seen since. No foul play is suspected. More likely he ran off with another honey -- seduced by her car. (DaHumph loves fast cars!)

A month's vacation in Australia provides a wonderful opportunity to visit other members of the Great Dane Mail List. During that time, I will also be looking for DaHumph. If I find him, you can bet I will haul his sorry butt back to his daddy, Alan J. Steinberg. Stay tuned... if I can get the proper internet connections, l will keep you posted on the progress of this trip as it unfolds.

(Incidently, in case you haven't guessed, that's me on the left and DaHumph on the right.)

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