"One Kangaroo Came Back"

I never met a kangaroo face to face until my recent trip to Australia. After a month in Oz, I can tell you that I saw lots of kangaroos. Hundreds. One kangaroo stood out. It was Stroppy.

Stroppy is no ordinary kangaroo. She was orphaned as a baby and raised by a member of the Great Dane Mail List, Cheryl Acford. Cheryl does "animal rescue" in the Townsville area. I visited Cheryl and thus met Stroppy.

Stroppy is a card carrying member of the Acford family. She hangs out with Babs (the blue dane), Molly (the harle dane), and Nissa (the precocious redhead). Stroppy comes and goes as she pleases. She often is seen hopping into the Acford kitchen in search of the cookie tree. As Cheryl explained, "Stroppy thinks cookies grow on trees and she figures the tree must be in the kitchen, because that's where the cookies come from."

If you want to know more about Stroppy -- and see more of her -- come back in about a week. I'm working on the next installment.

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