"Stroppy the Roo"

Last week I introduced you to Stroppy. Stroppy is a special kangaroo. She doesn't behave like your average kangaroo. No wonder. She was raised by Cheryl and Roger Acford. This is how Cheryl described her household to me:

"2 Danes, one newfoundland puppy, one aged whippett, one aged cross mess that was my father's before he passed away 6 years ago and one cross chihuahua that was also Dad's -- both of these dogs were old 6 years ago and I have no idea of their age, they are healthy so what the heck -- one aged blind spaniel who I probably should have put down but she is in no pain, and 2 Airedales: Wuff and Toby. Peacocks, currently breeding, cockatiels or quarrion which ever name you are familiar with, love birds, assorted finches with a lot of Australian Native ones such as Gouldians, princess parrots, ducks, some bantams, 2 siamese cats, one burmese cat, one siamese cross cat and one moggy that now belongs to my granddaughter. One pig called Fugly for obvious reasons, one cow rescue called Lucky and assorted pigeons that fly around. Oh and one sheep called Sam the Ram. I forgot the Lorikeets, we have musks, rainbows which are mostly rescues, and red collars. One Galah rescue but the bird purrs and dances anyway, one Corella called Wacka cause he is. I think that is it, but probably not. Animals come and go through here all the time with us doing rescues. We also have one readheaded grandaughter, 4 years old, no top front teeth, dreadful sense of humour and born to nag."

Whew!!! Imagine how thrilled I was when I realised I would actually VISIT Cheryl in Australia! All the creatures she talked about really live with her. I saw them. And since my visit, she has added two great dane puppies. Cheryl reports that Stroppy is not exactly happy about the puppies, but she is tolerating them.

You can see Stroppy (above) as she cleans Babs' ears. In the house.. in front of the fireplace. I am not making it up. We saw her doing this.

I also included Fugly in the picture. When we were introduced to Fugly, she refused to ackowledge us. Wouldn't give us the time of day. Then Roger pulled out a package of jelly candy. You know the rest.

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