"The Dane-Bopp Comet"

You'd have to be on another planet (!) to miss the fact that the Northern Hemisphere is being treated to a spectacular show as the Hale-Bopp comet makes its way across the night sky.

During this exciting time, many Great Dane owners have seen their pets exhibiting peculiar behavior at night. All over country, Great Danes are barking, howling, and gazing longingly at the comet.

What could be causing this bizarre activity? Hale-Bopp has not been seen on Earth for approximately 4,000 years, and some of us think that our Great Danes are exhibiting a primordial response to the event.

We all know that dogs can hear and smell things that we can't. Perhaps they also can see things that we can't. Don't you wish we could see the comet through the eyes of a howling Great Dane? Perhaps if we wave our cursors around, we'll get a glimpse of what our Great Danes see when they look at Hale-Bopp.

(Unfortunately, only Netscape 3.0 users are blessed with "Great Dane Comet Vision".
The rest of you will have to go here to see what the fuss is all about.)

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