"Birthday Party"

It's official! On April 30, 1996, DaDane of DaWeek was born! Like most well tended babies, it grew quite a lot during the first year. DaDane began its weigh-in at two pages. It's now a full fledged website with over 100 pages.

Over the past 12 months, DaDane of DaWeek has featured over 40 individual Great Danes. The contributing talent has come from all corners of the world -- Alaska to Hawaii, Australia to Germany, and places in between. Last month the site had over 55,000 hits, which translated to 4285 unique user sessions from 43 countries. Over 13,000 pages were called!

Many of the previous DaDane stars are gathering here for the birthday celebration. Even Bunky, the basset hound, showed up. (She is always good for a party and the danes seem to like her.) Due to previous engagements, not everyone could make it. That's just as well, though, since it is turning into a bit of a mob scene. They even ate the birthday cake before the candles were lit. The "Happy Birthday to Woo" chorus was way off key.

Please don't send us any birthday presents. Money is fine, though! Okay, so I'm kidding about the money part. But I wouldn't mind getting some new pictures of Great Danes. The current talent is getting kind of tired. Not all of them are willing to sign up for another year. New "personalities" are always welcome, so please send your dane pictures to: Ginnie at PO Box 50314, Columbia, SC 29250. (Be sure to tell me if you want the photos returned!)

Dane Owners Checklist

Dane Owners Checklist
The Dane Owners Checklist was recently updated with a new page.
What does that mean? It means 25 *new* ways to determine if you own a Great Dane!
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