"Farmer Dane"

After an animated discussion about Great Danes and squirrels, the Great Dane Mail List turned its attention to the issue of Great Danes and birds. I was surprised to learn that certain Great Danes are dedicated backyard bird hunters; in fact, some are highly skilled, highly sucessful, backyard bird hunters. There were many fascinating bird-hunting stories, but one story stood out:

"My black Dane of many years ago, Heidi, was a prolific bird catcher. Not only did she catch them, she buried them - ALIVE! I would see her coming out of the cornfield looking a little sneaky, so I would trace her steps back to a "dig" spot. There would be a wing sticking out. I would pull out the bird, it would shake itself off and walk away like nothing had happened. I would find full-grown geese, roosters, ducks and pigeons."
Well, I have to tell you that when I read this story, I could scarcely believe it. I decided to discuss the implications of such deviant behavior with Merlin and Jabber. I made them sit while I told them the story. I said, "Boys, I want to tell you right now, don't you EVER do what Heidi did. Not ever." The two dogs rolled their eyes at me. Merlin spoke first, "She wasn't burying those birds." Jabber nodded in agreement, "Nope, she was PLANTING them. She was hoping for more." Merlin smiled. "We do the same thing with bones."

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