Have you seen these 3 fugitives? If so, the police need your help! They are wanted in connection with a number of grocery store heists covering a three-state area. The Dane seems to be the ringleader; he holds shoppers and clerks at bay while the two monkeys case the store and steal bananas and steaks. As of yet, no cash has been taken and no injuries have been reported.

The two monkeys are believed to be escapees from a local zoo. So far no one has stepped forward to claim ownership of the rogue Dane. The monkeys are considered long-armed, and the Dane dashing but not dangerous.

If sighted, do not attempt to apprehend these characters. If they approach you wanting something you are eating, do not attempt to run!! Just hand over your food, and no one will get hurt.

This story was submitted by Carrie Strobach. She owns the middle fugitive, a lovely Great Dane named Sultan.
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