"Oh, DaEar!"

Grace couldn't believe her ears when she heard about the third round of the Tyson/Holyfield boxing match.

"Being a dog, you hear a lot of fight stories," she said. "But this one takes the cake. I mean, my worst relatives don't even fight like that, and you can bet if one of them did, he'd have been put down by now. I mean, I know of dogs that have been sent to the pound for much less, even for just growling at strangers.

"I'll tell you something else... hearing a story like that, well, it just makes me glad that I'm a dog and not a person. No kidding. And just how would you explain something like that to your kids?! My goodness! Yech. You can forget about evolution. A story like that, it makes me proud to say I'm just a dog."

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