"Bear? What Bear?"

Okay, so there's no Great Dane in this picture. Don't yell at me. It isn't my fault. You see, Great Danes aren't stupid. The one that was supposed to be in this picture heard the word BEAR and skedaddled, leaving behind Henry the Newf. So what about Henry? Well, Henry isn't the least bit worried about bears. He's been called one so often that he figures bears are sweet, loveable hunks -- just like Henry and his friends.

Now I am sure many of you are wondering where Henry comes from. Brace yourselves. Henry belongs to people from the Newfoundland mailing list. It seems some Newf people strayed over to DaDane and had a look at the DaDane postcards. They became jealous. They wanted a Newfie card. Just one, they said. Puhlease.

Well, they sent me some very nice letters, along with pictures of Newfs. One of them was Henry. So I made this "Bear? What Bear?" picture for the Newf people. I put it up on the postcard site and everyone was very happy. And the nicest part is what I learned after I made the card. It seems Henry is the grand daddy of all Newfs. He is 16 and a half years old! He's the oldest Newf on the list -- maybe in the world. So please don't begrudge the fact that for the first time ever, there's no Great Dane here. Look at it this way, one Dane proved his superior intelligence by avoiding an encounter with a bear. And one big old loveable Newf got to stay behind and enjoy the spotlight. As for the bear, well, I think he's clueless.

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