"Announcing DogWare!"

You've been asking for it, and the time has come. It's time to PUT ON THE DOG! DaDane T-shirts are now available at my new website, DogWare.com. Three of the most popular DaDane artworks were chosen for the first offering. If this site is successful, we'll add more T-shirt designs along with DaDane notecards and DaDane Christmas cards.

Please support DogWare! As the DaDane audience has increased over the past year, so has the hosting fee for keeping the site online. Last month we had over 10,000 unique user sessions. The same was true for June. That's the good news. The bad news is that increased traffic brings with it increased charges from MindSpring, the company that hosts this site. It now costs over $150 a month just to keep DaDane of DaWeek and DaDane Postcards online. Add in the time it takes to create these images, and it is getting pretty costly to keep it all going. Your support of the new DogWare site will enable me to continue expanding the collection of DaDane images and products! You can go to DogWare now by clicking here. (The animated DogWare button is free for the taking, too.)

DaDane Postcard Link
"DaDane of DaWeek" Virtual Postcards
The archive is growing! There are 28 cards now, including the most recent DaDane pictures.
Your friends always suspected you were eccentric; prove it! Send them a DaDane card. It's virtually free.

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