I have a feeling that anything I say about this image could get me into trouble, so I am not giving you a story this week. You'll have to make up your own!

The pictured Dane belongs to Paula Stebbins. Paula regularly sends me wonderful photos of Maggie. Somehow she managed to get these still shots of Maggie with her tongue out. I assure you that I have NOT retouched the tongues. Paula really caught these on film.

Maggie is starting to cop an attitude in front of the camera, though. According to Paula, "She has become a real ham, and will now only work for treats! She demands a skittles after every couple clicks of the shutter - if she doesn't get one, she just slinks down to the ground and lays out!!! When I see her head go down I reach into my pocket and give her another one, thus lots of slobber to deal with!"

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Paula for all the wonderful photos she has sent. We'll definitely be seeing more of Maggie on DaDane of DaWeek.

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