"Chasing Chompers"

This is the story of Chompers and Theo. It is best read aloud.

It all began when Chompers (the 2 foot iguana) escaped from his chamber. Chompers cheerfully approached Theo (the Dane), thinking he would charm him into sharing his chow. But Theo wasn't about to let a cheeky iguana cheat him out of his chilled chicken.

Theo charged. Chompers chose to retreat. The chase was on! Chompers cleverly calculated his odds, and crawled beneath the closest chair. As Theo clobbered the chair, Chompers scurried under the Chinese chest. Theo chucked the chest, missing Chompers by just a few centimeters. My gosh, Theo almost caught Chompers, who by then was careening up the stairs, clucking and chirping as he climbed. (Chompers couldn't help chattering as he ran; he was chiding himself for being so confident about his own charisma.)

Theo charged up the stairs in hot pursuit of Chompers. He was getting close, so close that they almost collided when Chompers hit a clump of clothes on the bedroom floor. But Chompers had another burst of energy. He was not about to capitulate. He quickly checked the room and chose the closet. As Chompers hurled himself into the closet, the closet door closed behind him. Theo clipped it and crashed into the wall, chipping the wall board. Choking back his anger, Theo knew the chase was over. Whew!

Inside the closet, Chompers collapsed onto a comforting pile of fur. Oh no!!! He landed squarely on Chester the cat, who had just settled in for a snooze! Chester clawed at Chompers and called him a careless, chintzy chameleon. Poor Chompers! What a day! He croaked out an apology, and then he curled into the closest corner to wait for his cherished owner, Charlie Cheever, to rescue him.

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