"The Baron"

Baron was a much loved Great Dane who succumbed to cancer this past spring. He was eight years old. His owner, Cathy Warren, wrote me a note telling me how much she misses him. Now that Baron is gone, Cathy comes to DaDane of DaWeek to get her weekly Dane fix. She writes:

"He loved me so much and made my life so much richer that it was my duty to ensure he lived happily and died with dignity. He died in my arms and was privately cremated. He's buried at the family cottage with his favorite Tasmanian Devil stuffed toy. I miss him. Not just having a dog around, but *him*. He had such personality. But he is always with me for I have the most wonderful memories of all our years and escapades together. And it's nice to share them."

Cathy sent me a photograph of Baron. Although she characterized him as a big baby -- aren't they all?! -- I was impressed by his regal bearing. This portrait of Baron depicts him in all his glory, reviewing his troops. Baron gets to keep the crown, too.

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