"Great Dane Stamp"

You know you are a Dane owner when you are flying to New York City, and after a long silence your husband turns to you and asks, "Do you think we'll see any there?" Of course you know exactly what he's talking about. "No, you answer, probably not." (*sigh*)

Well, we just returned from a four day vacation in NYC, and no, we didn't see any Great Danes. I know there must be a few around, but they sure weren't strolling down Broadway.

We saw a HUGE Humphrey Bogart stamp on a billboard, though, and I thought how nice it would be if the post office offered Great Dane stamps. But I know they won't, so instead I made one. And I might even make a few more. (Maybe they'll take the hint.)

We also saw the Broadway production CATS. I enjoyed it, but I couldn't help thinking how much better the show might have been if it was DANES instead of CATS. Let's see... Wise Deuteronomy would be an aged Fawn. The elegant outsider, Grizabella, would be a sleek Blue. The fussy Rum Tum Tugger would be a Brindle. Macavity, the Napoleon of crime, would be a Harle (of course!) Mistoffelees, as the conjurer, would be a Black. Bustopher Jones in his classy white spats would be a Boston. The announcer, Munkustrap, would be a handsome Merle. Imagine the woo-woo chorus and the boinging ballet! Broadway, are you listening? You blew it. CATS was good, but DANES would have been even better!

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