"It's Show Time!"

All around the country, Great Danes are thinking about the annual GDCA National Show which is being held in Atlanta this week. The GDCA National is the "Westminster" of Danedom, and many Great Danes will be pouting for the next seven days because they are unable to get over to Atlanta to participate in the festivities. Their misery is further compounded by the fact that the Networks do not have the good sense to televise this important event.

Fortunately, the internet is coming to the rescue. Scott Billings is reportedly offering daily photos of the activities via the RockaDane web site. Danes can also drop in at the Great Dane Club of America home page for some background -- although the real action promises to be at RockaDane.

Rumor has it that a large group of stay-at-home Danes from the Great Dane Mail List are getting together to put on an alternative show. Plans for the First Annual GDML CyberNational are (supposedly) well underway. The home address for the CyberNational was unavailable at the time of this writing, but if you cruise the most popular Dane pages, you might be able to locate it. Maybe. You can find a comprehensive set of links to Great Dane pages at my links page. A good place to start your search would be to visit Legend's Great Danes, since they seem to be among the ringleaders.

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